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What is stress eczema and what are its symptoms? How is stress-related eczema treated?

Eczema is often caused by stress. This type of stress-related eczema is known as skin diseases that occur with itching on the skin. Stress eczema, which is more common in women than men, can become serious over time. So what is stress eczema and what are its symptoms? How is stress-related eczema treated?


Food & Healty

What causes high lipase, how is the treatment? How is the lipase (LPS) high in the blood passed?

Lipase is an enzyme produced by the pancreas that is secreted into the small intestine. Importance of what is lipase in blood; It is related to the fact that lipase is one of the three most important enzymes in the body. So, what is lipase? How much should the lipase be? What are the causes of high and low?

Mother & Kids

What should be the natural disaster awareness in children according to age groups?

Two severe earthquakes in Turkey caused great destruction in 10 provinces and caused thousands of casualties. After this natural disaster, which is considered as the disaster of the century, millions of people start to take precautions against possible earthquakes, while parents are looking for ways to raise earthquake awareness in their children. So, how should children and natural and disaster awareness be according to age groups? Here are the details...

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ove & Relationships

2023 trends in relationships

What are the trends in emotional, work, family and friend relationships in 2023? Psychologist Gizem Sürenkök gives clues about 2023 relationship trends.

Singles’ expectations from relationships in 2023

According to the OkCupid research, which emerged from the answers of 10 billion people, we have explained for you what are the expectations of single people in 2023.

How do you know if a man is the “right man”?

How true do you think the person you have taken into your life is? If you have even the slightest bit of doubt in your mind then pay attention to these 3 tips!

Does your girlfriend want to marry you? If he doesn’t avoid touching you….

In order for the relationship to progress in a healthy way, some conditions must be fulfilled. Of course, love and respect are at the forefront ...

How long can a mother’s crib be used?

mother's crib why? This is also basket crib Also known as It is placed at the end of the bedroom in the bedroom used by the parents. Thus, it ...


The brand and prices of the clothes of the Uncrowned Princess Yağmur character

Making an assertive start to the new season, Sümeyye Aydoğan's style, who appeared in front of her fans with the character of Yağmur in the "Crownless Princess" series, gets full marks from fashion lovers. We have compiled the brands and prices of the clothes of Yağmur, who has a nice appearance with both classy and stylish pieces in the series.


Colombian-American singer, songwriter and musician Kali Uchis stars in the H&M Studio 2023 Spring/Summer collection…

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