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2019 fall contour makeup trends

The change experienced by nature dominates many beauty applications from fashion to make-up. The most beautiful colors of the fall season are evident not only in nature but also in make-up trends. Ergül Keskin, Founder of Contour Makeup Studio, Contour Makeup Trainer, Ergül Keskin, talks about the contour makeup trends of the 2019 fall season.

Eyebrows of autumn; natural and textured

The most important actor of expression, beauty and face, eyebrows are among the basic elements of autumn make-up. The eyebrow contour, which will create a doping effect for the tired and tired eyebrows of the summer period, brings life back to the eyebrows. The prominent eyebrow fashion of this season is natural, dense eyebrows with their own texture preserved. For this, professional eyebrow designers should determine the most suitable eyebrow form for the face and new eyebrows should be obtained with the contouring process.

Ergul Keskin; “Brow design is very important for determining the beauty and golden ratio. However, if it is applied by people who are not competent, results that will not make you happy when you look in the mirror will result. We draw. If the result is suitable for the person and meets their expectations, we proceed. If the eyebrow model we will see most often this season is natural eyebrows, which is an indispensable trend of recent times. We apply the most suitable eyebrow form for the person, while preserving the character of the person’s natural eyebrow. We can say that eyebrows with increased density will be seen frequently this season.” said

Lips depict autumn color

The warmest shades of the color spectrum, on the lips with contour make-up While the warm tones of autumn color the lips, the lips that shrink due to the loss of collagen over time also gain fullness.The colors that stand out in the lip contour this season are nude colors and for those who prefer a clear image, wine red, warm burgundy and earth tones…

Lip contour, which is the process of coloring the inside of the lip using contour make-up devices and herbal dyes, contains 3 different stages. In the first stage, contour application is performed only in accordance with the lip frame and the inner color of the lip. This application is more pronounced and fuller than the lip. Lip coloring is for people who lose their natural color over time or who want to change their lip color. It is a permanent procedure. The lips on which the preferred color is applied gain a much more vivid and fuller appearance. In full lip coloring, the desired appearance is given to the lips by applying both the lip frame and the inner lip contour.

Dramatic touches with eyeliner contours

Eyeliner, which offers a long-term permanent solution to eyeliner, which is the most difficult step of make-up, trends in eyeliner contours are tailed and in favor of clear lines… While long and curved tails provide a romantic and dramatic look, they also give the eyes a more slanting and emphatic expression. In the autumn season, where perfectly drawn clear lines are at the forefront, the eyes are the highlight of the contour make-up. The eyeliner line, which is perfectly positioned with the eyeliner contour, creates a trendy and impressive appearance when it has a tail and remarkable thickness in accordance with the eye shape.

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