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3 easy ways to deal with oily hair!

Why does our hair get oily?

There are sebaceous glands all over our skin. There’s a lot of it, especially on the face, chest, and especially on our scalp. The sebaceous glands in the scalp and hair follicles act to prevent drying of the skin. In addition, sebum creates an acidic environment in your head. Pathogenic microbes, bacteria and viruses have little chance of penetrating the skin. However, the sebum does not stay on the scalp, it spreads over time and causes the head of hair to look oily.

How to deal with oily hair?

1) Touch your hair less

Keeping your hair free will expose it to outside dust more. Brushing the curls that have fallen on your face or loosening your hair with your hands causes the hair to become oily. If you pull from your hair roots to the strands in your hands, you will distribute the sebum. Thus, your hair looks greasy and stringy again faster. To prevent this, you can often use your hair in the form of braids.

2) Do not wash your hair every day

One of the most common causes of a fast greasy hair is daily hair washing, which can strip the oils from your hair and lead to a dry scalp. As a result of washing your hair frequently, your sebum production increases even more. Therefore, try to “retrain” your hair by washing it less often. Over time, your sebum gets used to it and produces less sebum.

Clue:If you find it difficult to do without your daily hair wash, you should at least choose a shampoo that contains mild surfactants.

3) Do not wash your hair too hot

Another tip when it comes to washing your hair is water temperature. Be sure to avoid rinsing with extremely hot water when washing your hair. This dries out your scalp and further stimulates your sebum production. You can wash your hair with warm water that is not too cold, you will witness that your hair becomes less oily over time.

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