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4 ways to prevent hair loss

Hair loss is an experience that bothers most of us from time to time. There are many reasons for hair loss. The reason for hair loss can sometimes be hormones, sometimes stress, sometimes the wrong products used.

When it comes to hormones, dihydrotestosterone, in other words DHT, is generally blamed for hair loss.

So what is dihydrotestosterone? DHT can be defined as a male hormone that is formed as a result of the combination of an enzyme found in the human body and testosterone. It clings to the hair follicles and prevents them from getting nutrients. As a result, hair falls out faster.

In addition to using hair extension products, you can also support your hair follicles with other products to make your hair last longer. In our content, we have included 4 important recommendations that you can apply in daily life to prevent or minimize hair loss.

4 ways to prevent hair loss

1. Balanced diet

Drink enough water and make sure you have a balanced diet. This can prevent hair loss as a healthy body also nourishes hair growth.
Make sure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals, and protein. It is also important to drink enough fluids throughout the day to keep your body fit. 2 liters of water per day is recommended.

2. Correct hairstyle

To prevent your hair from falling out too quickly, it should be treated carefully and tight models such as buns and ponytails that constantly tire the roots of the hair and leave them airless should be avoided. These can also strain and break hair.
Also, if you notice excessive hair loss, do not use a hair dryer, straightener or curling iron until your hair has been renewed.

3. Gentle use

Head massages that you will apply regularly will affect your hair root health in a very positive way. Avoid washing your hair with very hot water, be gentle with your hair and gently apply the products to the hair structure.
According to experts, scalp massage stimulates the sebaceous glands, which may also be responsible for hair loss, and reduces stress.

4. Exercising supports hair health

Yes, it sounds a bit strange ”What does sports have to do with hair health?” if you say; Physical activity increases blood flow throughout our body – which in turn affects our scalp. The blood in the scalp circulates more, which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicles. As a result, sports promote hair growth.

Another indirect positive effect of sports on hair health: According to experts, endorphins are also released in the body. “These endorphins act as natural pain relievers and give us a feeling of joy or euphoria. This can cause an increase in serotonin levels, which contributes to better hair growth as it prevents hair loss.


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