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5 favorite knitting styles of the season

Shabby knit

This model preferred by Hailey promises both a comfortable and stylish look. However, attention can be distracted very quickly, so you should be careful when using this model.

Ball braid model

Gather your hair and braid the end. This model offers a very sporty and stylish look. How do you think it happened?

Twin braids

For those who want to look young and energetic twin braids come into play. I love this model. It is a model that looks very sweet and energetic.


Want to bring movement to twin braids? Then let me introduce you to multiple braids. You have to be patient while making these braids because it takes a long time but the result is worth it.

Micro braids

Make micro braids in front of your hair. These minimal braids look very stylish. It is also a nice way to camouflage your long bangs.

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