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5 Ways to Care for Dry Elbows in Winter

Elbows are body parts that are often overlooked when talking about taking care of our bodies. Read on to learn how to take care of dry elbows… The first indication of winter is dry skin feeling and skin flaking. When winter comes first, we often notice flaking and roughness in the texture of our skin. In winter, improper skin care can cause irritation and cracking of the skin, red, itchy and burning. Elbows hurt the most because we can’t see them every day, so we often forget to take care of dry and scaly elbows. Read on to learn how to take care of dry elbows during the winter months.

Why Does the Skin on the Elbows Get Dry and Crusty?​

Just as the soles of our feet develop rough skin and calluses due to constant friction and dry air, so do our elbows.

We usually tend to exfoliate and scrub the rough, dry and dead skin area of ​​our body, but doing this to the elbows, especially during the winter months, has the opposite effect on the skin. The skin on the elbows develops more calluses as a protective layer to protect the skin from friction and dry air. So rubbing the elbows makes the problem worse.

Stop using any kind of exfoliator or scrub on your elbows, especially during the winter months.

How to Care for Dry Elbow in Winter?​

  1. Be sure to gently rub your elbows with a soft cloth while in the shower.
  2. Avoid any or any scrub-like material that could further damage your skin.
  3. This process may not give immediate results, but applying this application over time will relieve elbow dryness.
  4. A normal body lotion may not be enough for elbows. The rough skin of the elbows is oily with cream like and requires intense moisturization.
  5. It is a great moisturizer for elbows, especially in winter.

Avoid Exfoliators at All Costs

Make sure to avoid any exfoliator around your elbows at all costs.

If you keep exfoliating your elbows, no matter how hydrated you are, dry skin will keep coming back. Try to wear long sleeves mostly during the winter months to protect your skin from drying weather conditions.

Drinking plenty of water is always very important to provide hydration, both inside and out.

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