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7 favorite nude manicures of the 2023 summer season

1- You can meet the summer days with an eye-catching and sophisticated manicure by combining the disco sparkle with nude nails. For this, you can use manicure stones or a scattered glittery top coat on nude or transparent nail polish.

2- French manicure is here with different versions. A remarkable manicure is possible without exaggeration with micro metallic tips.

3- Do not forget to add real beige colors to your nude nail polish collection this summer. Nail polishes with this undertone go great with bronze skin.

4- We left the chrome shine to colored pastels. Nude nail polishes now have a softer glow and metallic reflections.

5- This manicure trend is one of the most favorite looks of summer days. In this look, which is a new version of the French manicure, the nail tips are colored with a non-contrasting off-white and the manicure is completed with a transparent nude nail polish.

6- The sweet pinkness of lip tones is carried to the nails. When shopping for this shade, don’t forget to take your favorite nude lipstick with you.

7- One of the most up-to-date looks in manicure is the transparent French. You can achieve this distinctive design by applying gel on a nude background or using fake nails.

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