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We are bombarded with the idea of ​​progress, constantly drawing up our list of decisions. Whether you have been through a difficult period or get rid of financial debt; some periods are that blank page you’ve been waiting for. These times provide a great time for personal control. But of course, slowing your mind can be incredibly challenging.

Here are seven tips for mentally pressing the refresh button to clear your mind and feel capable of overcoming stress.

Look for ways to simplify

Find ways to make life easier for yourself, whether it’s just getting a specific appointment a week or getting rid of clothes you don’t really wear. Even though life can be tough and many things are out of your control, think about the habits that are within your control. Are you looking for ways to create a void in life, or are you constantly overfilling your schedule? Life will look so much better when you develop habits that bring you to a point of personal balance.

Romanticize sleep

According to The Sleep Foundation, “Women have a 40% greater lifetime risk of experiencing insomnia than men.” This is why a cup of coffee in the morning sounds so good. In other words; We actually need our beauty sleep. So please skip the eye masks and satin pajamas. Prioritize better sleep habits to ensure your body is reaching its full potential well-being. Limit screen time before bed so you can relax mentally and prepare to snooze. If going to bed feels boring, create a personalized nighttime routine that you love. After your skincare routine, put on your pajamas, turn on your essential oil diffuser, and curl up with a good book.

Write down your feelings

A great way to process your thoughts in a healthy way is to keep a diary. Even if you only have a few minutes, grab a pen or paper or create a note on your phone to dive into your thoughts. Maybe you are stressed and need to write about the difficulties you faced at work, or you are grieving the loss of a close friend and need to shake off the emotional trauma. Writing is a way of communication that helps us process our emotions with words so we can release any ideas or beliefs we hold in our minds. Journaling is a healthy outlet and a safe place to look back as you move through the different seasons.

Take time to be alone

We like to say this; take yourself on a date. On weekends when you can get away from maternity duties or home/work life, you’ll love going to a local cafe, ordering a latte or really taking care of your surroundings without being distracted.

Set blocks of days or different hours during your week where you can do something just for you that brings you back to life. You’re often the most stressed out when you don’t have a chance to step away from your schedule and take a break to invest in yourself. Go to a nail appointment, see your dentist, buy a new pair of boots or simply enjoy a delicious croissant all by yourself. Do something you love and make it a habit to make sure you take care of yourself.

leave the past in the past

Maybe you had a tough breakup this year or someone broke your trust. Maybe you struggled at work or made mistakes you’ll regret. Sometimes we fail to deal with negative emotions properly or forget about them and let them manifest as unhealthy projections towards other people. Before you step into anything new, take a moment to identify these negative feelings and do a heart check. Start by asking yourself these questions: “What events have had a significant impact on me recently? What lies or limiting beliefs have I allowed to hold from these events that I should have let go?”

Regardless, consider allowing these things to progress and truly heal. To look good to others, we must first always be willing to make ourselves look good. A new day doesn’t change the pain. But it’s a nice reminder that we can choose to start over and pursue a healthy heart.

Be active

There are many resources and current research that consistently confirms the importance of exercise. After exercise, we usually feel clearer and can move stagnant energy that makes us feel stuck, not to mention the feel-good endorphins that are released when you move your body. Whether you like to go for a walk or take an online yoga class after work; Give your body some attention by making exercise a priority for your mental health. Movement not only improves your mood, but you also gain strength both physically and mentally.

Do the little things now

We are all working individuals with a chaotic schedule. One of the ways to minimize tasks is to choose to get things done right away. Imagine it’s late at night and there’s a pile of dishes in the sink; you probably want to wait until the next morning to wash it all off. Instead, make it a habit to finish it right away or at your next free moment. When we keep procrastinating on these little things, we pile on chores or responsibilities until we reach our breaking point, thus causing more stress and anxiety. If you have five extra minutes before you go to work in the morning, make your bed, pay the rent, schedule your next doctor’s appointment, or do that job you have to do.

Because life can be so busy, “I’ll get it done later” can sometimes make you forget the task in the long run, or it can increase your stress level as you have a growing to-do list in your subconscious mind. Avoid stress and get things done when you can. You’ll be grateful for what you did, and you’ll be mentally relaxed for prioritizing.

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