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Atelier Rebul, which makes the magical world of notes feel everywhere at any time with its fragrance expertise, has signed a new formula special for Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day, Atelier Rebul brings this unique perfume to life, which is offered in limited numbers. In a single whisper, the excitement full of fruits and flowers merges with the energy of love, and kisses that are hidden with love are gushing out.

With its top notes of nectarine, raspberry and passion fruit, BISOUS, which makes you feel the energy of love and gives excitement, surprises you in the middle notes. Exotic fruits in the starting notes leave their place to the world of flowers. Freesia, jasmine and lily-of-the-valley place thousands of kisses on your skin. At that time, the last remaining BISOUS notes on your skin turn into an unforgettable kiss trace of musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

Offering a bottle of kisses in a sophisticated glass bottle colored with the deep red of love, the limited edition BISOUS is ready to impress your loved ones with its gift box, which is processed like art for Valentine’s Day. You can personalize BISOUS bottles with the initials of your loved ones’ names and create gift packages that you can complete with specially written notes.

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