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A new start to the new season! minimal nails

Although prosthetic nails and permanent nail polishes are quite dazzling, we leave this exaggerated look behind as we enter the new season and recommend more minimal, clean-looking nails!

oval nails

I don’t think oval nails will go out of fashion. You should choose this nail shape for both a clean stance and a simple look.

short nails

There is no one who does not know that long nails are difficult to care for. You can shorten your nails for unpretentious and effortless nails. However, this does not mean that you will cut your nails and leave them. You should not neglect to apply a care oil to your nails.

Patterned nail polishes

In addition to colorful nail polishes, patterned nail polishes such as zebra and leopard are among the favorites of the new season.

a tiny touch

We said that minimal images will be the trend in the new season. This model is exactly the kind that suits the season. You can keep up with the trend with a tiny touch of color on your nail bottoms.

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