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Hürrem Sultan Hamam, located in the heart of Istanbul, in Hagia Sophia Square and built by Mimar Sinan, has a unique location facing the Blue Mosque with one side and the Hagia Sophia Mosque with the other. The bath, which was built in 1556 at the request of Hürrem Sultan, was designed by Mimar Sinan to serve separately for men and women. While this unique building offers a unique ambiance with its unique architectural details, it offers relaxing and purifying hammam and massage treatments accompanied by special rituals with its experienced team.

Hürrem Sultan Hamam, Turkey’s largest historical bath, is different from each other with its applications in different durations and contents under the names of Pir-ü Pak, Keyf-i Hamam, Zevk-i Sefa, Ab-ı Hayat, Bride’s Bath, Groom’s Bath, offered by experienced therapists. It serves the guests in expectation.

Hürrem Sultan Bath, which has attracted great attention since the day it was restored and serves its guests from all over the world, with its specially trained and experienced team; While providing vitality and health, it continues to preserve and keep alive the details of the period it was founded with special treats between care breaks. Under the centuries-old domes of the Hürrem Sultan Bath, special products prepared with the redbud flower, which is stated to be Hürrem Sultan’s favorite flower in the Ottoman archives, are used for guests who have had a bath experience in the marble basins where sultans once bathed.

This historical place, which served the sultans, provides spiritual relaxation as well as physical purification. In addition to traditional scrub application and foam massage, aromatherapy massage with judas tree oil, body treatments and clay applications are available in the hammam. Hürrem Sultan Hamam, which interprets the Ottoman spirit with the needs of modern times and presents the purifying power of water to its visitors in a unique atmosphere, offers its guests a day worthy of sultans.

In the bath, which was designed separately for men and women and still maintains this feature; Special applications such as anti-stress massage, back massage and foot massage provide relaxation and rejuvenation to the guests.

While the Hürrem Sultan Hamam renews the guests with its applications, it appeals to the five senses with its eye-catching architecture and decoration, tastes such as Ottoman sherbet and Turkish delight, specially prepared hammam music, the fragrant judas tree scent and care made by experienced hands.

For detailed information and reservation: 0 212 517 35 35

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