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All about bichectomy’!

Today, with the increasing popularity of aesthetic applications, arrangements on various facial lines have also become quite common.

New trends are constantly emerging in the field of aesthetics, and one of the most popular of these trends is the chin area arrangement known as the “jawline”.

However, another remarkable aesthetic trend is the Hollywood cheek operation called “bichectomy”. In this article, we will take a look at the answers to the questions such as what is bichectomy, how is it done, who is it suitable for and what are the results.

Bichectomy: The New Dimension of Cheek Aesthetics

Bichectomy is an aesthetic operation applied to the cheek area and aims to increase the prominence of the cheekbones. This method, which is popularly called “Hollywood cheek aesthetics”, can be preferred by both women and men. In order to give the facial features a sharper appearance, fat is removed from the cheeks and the face shape is clarified and a thinner appearance is obtained. The result obtained with bichectomy, moreover, is permanent.

Who Is Bichectomy Suitable For?

The chin line is one of the key areas that balances the proportion of the face and accentuates its shape. For example, people with oval facial features usually have a prominent chin. However, the jaw line is less pronounced in face shapes such as square, round and quadrangular. This is where bichectomy comes into play. Bichectomy is especially preferred by people with square or round facial features. As a result of the operation, facial lines become thinner and triangular. However, it should be noted that bichectomy is not a suitable option for everyone. For example, this operation is not recommended for obese patients.

How is a bichectomy done?

Bichectomy operation is an intraoral procedure. A small incision is made on the inside of the cheeks and the buccal adipose tissue is removed. The procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The desired result is achieved with the thinning of the cheeks and more prominent cheekbones after the operation. The recovery process is quite fast and patients are usually discharged on the same day.

Bichectomy Results and Permanence

Bichectomy results are immediately noticeable after the operation. In the first stage, bandage is applied and the patient is discharged within a few hours. The effects of the operation become more evident within a few days. Edema and swelling are minimal and this situation resolves in a short time. It requires a significant recovery period after the operation. For about 4-5 days, excessive facial movements should be avoided, hard foods should be avoided and it should be ensured that no blows to the face area. The result obtained after the operation is permanent and the facial features of the patients become clear.

Bichectomy: Considerations

The success of the bichectomy operation depends on the experience of the selected surgeon and the expectations of the patient. Choosing a doctor is very important before such aesthetic operations. Strictly following your doctor’s recommendations before and after the operation ensures that the results are obtained as desired.

Another important point to remember is that every aesthetic operation carries risks. For this reason, you should talk to your doctor in detail about possible risks and complications. Following the recommendations of your doctor after the procedure is essential for a healthy recovery process.

As a result, bichectomy operation is a permanent aesthetic method preferred to clarify facial features and achieve a slim appearance. However, as in every operation, it should be planned correctly, taking into account the individual needs and expectations of the patients.

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