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Are your eyebrows suitable for your face?

Big and bold eyebrows have taken their place in the make-up world thanks to the celebrities that have been on the market recently. It seems like we’ve all been bitten by the eyebrow bug lately, and we’re constantly looking for better ways to shape and trim them.

However, like haircuts, there is no one perfect eyebrow formula that works for everyone. Choosing a natural eyebrow shape that fits the dimensions and shape of your face is very important. Not sure about the right eyebrow shape for your face structure? Check out our guide to help you in your quest for the perfect brow!

Round face shape

For round faces, opt for a more angled eyebrow as it will help add some highlights. Round faces often lack bone structure and need a little help through contouring. Try using an eyebrow pencil to highlight your natural brow line a bit.

Heart face shape

Unfortunately, the sleek, thick, slightly bushy look probably won’t be your best look (sorry!) . Heart-shaped faces have an angular small jawline. Thick eyebrows can be exaggerated, as the upper half of the face is already emphasized. To balance your small chin, keep your brows controlled, shaped and groomed and never too bushy. Choose quality makeup that will shape your eyebrows without any hassle.

Oval face shape

Oval shaped faces need a balanced eyebrow. Make sure you have a soft, natural brow line. Feel free to fill in the tip of your brow and let it thicken a bit. The bushy, slightly uneven eyebrow look works well for this face shape. So go ahead and make your brows thicker. But never shy away from being natural.

Square face shape

You should balance your eyebrows by slightly rounding them. Keep your natural brow line, but edit and beautify. Thus, you can have more rounded eyebrows, not too angled.

Long face shape

It is important to balance long face shape and eyebrow shape with horizontal features. Eyebrows are an excellent balancing tool for women with long faces. Lengthen the tails of your eyebrows beyond the corners of your eyes. Avoid making it too long, as this will drag your eyes down and create a droopy look.

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