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Attention, those who braid their hair often! Your hair may shrink

Causes hair loss

How often do you braid your hair? If your answer is every day, you should be careful. Braids apply a pulling force to the roots of the hair, which causes increased hair loss. If you prefer a braided hairstyle, you should be careful not to leave it loose and not to use it all the time.

Increases hair breakage

Another disadvantage of braiding is that it increases hair breakage and split ends. Anyone who wears a braided model every day is at risk of hair breakage and split ends.

causes a headache

When you braid your hair, your hair roots are pulled, which causes irritation of your scalp and headaches. The scalp is full of pain receptors. These respond to pressure, temperature, and pain stimuli. Especially if you are experiencing health problems such as migraine, it is beneficial to let your hair go.

Creates neck tension

Ponytails and braided hair add weight if your hair is long. Weight-bearing braids cause your neck muscles to stretch.

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