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The Beauty and Care Fair, where the latest technologies in the beauty industry, the secrets of non-surgical rejuvenation and the latest trends in medical aesthetics are showcased, will be held for the 35th time at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center between April 27-30.

In the fair area, where the most advanced devices, technology, equipment and methods related to domestic and national production beauty devices, hair, spa, wellness and fitness will be exhibited for four days, as well as world brands; specialists, local and foreign doctors, plastic surgeons, aesthetic and beauty specialists, dermatologists, hairdressers, make-up artists and other industry professionals will come together.

We have compiled for you the new beauty and care methods, skin rejuvenation applications, and the latest technologies in medical aesthetics, which will be presented at the event where the beauty and care industry meets.

Mormed Cosmetics
Mormed Kozmetik, which develops effective and world-class beauty technologies in the categories of laser hair removal, regional thinning and skin care, where incorrect applications cause serious problems, will showcase its new devices at the fair.

Bolat Medical
Bolat Medikal has been bringing innovations to the beauty world with its DermAC Peel, Derm Age Pro Peel, DermAGE Pumpkin Peel, DermWT Peel, Viales Antiaging Peptide products. DermAGE Pumpkin Peel; Thanks to its composition of pumpkin extract, glycolic acid and salicylic acid, it accelerates skin regeneration and has an antiaging effect. Thanks to the presence of acids, it helps to prevent the development of formations such as acne and blemishes. DermWT Peel; A chemical peeling formula that provides regeneration without damaging the skin with the help of six active ingredients containing superficial peeling, anti-oxidant and tyrosinase inhibitors. Viales Antiaging Peptide; Thanks to five different biomimetic peptides, 1 percent hyaluronic acid and a total of 59 different active ingredients, it immediately shows its rejuvenation effect on the skin.

Expertyol offers comfort suitable for the hands of experts with different models of Staleks, one of the strongest brands in the world in the field of manicure-pedicure, and Roubloff, a brush brand. Meat scissors, which provide the most perfect manicure with its thin and elegant tip structures, meet the needs of experts in all kinds of rasping processes with 3 different degrees of hardness. The product group of Expertyol is sandpaper, which also offers personalized use with disposable models, repulsive bur tips that allow experts to use the models they want with its different heads, and the brushes of the Roubloff brand designed for nail specialists.

Developing product design and design with its strong R&D studies in the international arena and in Turkey, İşkar also provides technical service and training to all clinics, hospitals and beauty centers that use the product. The devices of the company, which gives great importance to trust in application results and optimizes its production capabilities with the latest technologies, have the Cosmetic Ce certificate.

Dore Medical
Dore Medikal follows technology and trends closely and presents all developments in the field of medical and cosmetics to the sector in the fastest way. The brand, which stands out with its laser devices in the field of beauty and care, prioritizes trust and health with the support it provides with its expert staff. The company, which offers all the certified training and information programs of the patented brands it sells, will take place in the fair with its special and advanced technology devices. At the event, slimming and skin care devices, as well as the only painless and painless turbo-cooled Doreice Laser, cold air blowing and ice cap Diodex devices, will be showcased.

CosmeticMed successfully serves its customers with the devoted work of its young, dynamic and expert team. The company, which provides all kinds of services related to its field in hospitals, medical centers, polyclinics, beauty salons, national and international markets, maintains its place in the beauty sector.

Estezone serves with its professional team to meet the device and spare parts needs of hospitals, clinics and aesthetic centers operating in the aesthetic sector, as well as to solve the malfunctions related to the devices as soon as possible. The brand strengthens its position in the sector with Arion Alexandrite Laser, EpiCare-Zenith, Light Age Epicare DUO, Light Age Epicare LPX, EpiCool, Zimmer Cryo-6, EsteSlim, EsteSculpt, Elazer, PicoZone, SkinZone, GoldZone, Laser Hair Removal Glasses products and devices.

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