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Beauty trends from the past

There comes a day when we do what we do to look beautiful for a while, it looks very ugly to our eyes. But after a while, we look at it, we do the same things with love again… Here are the makeup trends of 2022, reflected from the past to the present…

Red glossy lips from the 50s

Red lips, especially bright lips, which Marilyn Monroe uses so fondly and which we see a lot in the movie ‘Men Like Blondes’ are taking their place in our makeup bags again!

Mod make-up from the 60s

The world-famous model Twigy, which left its mark on an era, is frequently Eyes and eyelashes are in the foreground in this make-up, which was applied by the ‘mode’ youth, which left its mark on the 60s. The color makes no difference.

70s fluffy hair

80s neon nails

The neon colored nail polishes that adorned the nails of everyone who sucked in the 1980s are making a spectacular comeback. Bright yellows, greens and pinks take their place on our nails again. And this time they are used together too!

The thin eyebrows of the 90’s

Thick, dark eyebrows, which are indispensable for almost everyone lately, are now slowly started to give way to thin eyebrows as before. Of course, we will define our eyebrows again, but we will not exaggerate their thickness!

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