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We are all after the shampoo that revitalizes, nourishes the hair, is bushy as in our first youth, and is the best for the scalp. Olga Cola Milano Revitalizing Shampoo, produced by Italy’s leading medical biotechnology expert Olga Cola for her brand bearing her own name, with years of R&D, undertakes all the care that hair needs with its 99.5 percent natural content.

Containing high quality organic, herbal and biotechnological active ingredients, the shampoo works with unique herbal complexes to moisturize and revitalize dull and tired hair. The prebiotics in its content strengthen the bacteria on the scalp, making the hair stronger and more flexible. Hyaluronic acid repairs dry scalp and increases hair growth for fuller hair.

Protects hair from UV rays

LumineBoost technology protects the hair from harmful UV rays while emitting the light directly from the hair, leaving the hair shiny and healthy at the end. From the first application of the shampoo, the hair becomes visibly thicker and silkier.

Herbal amino acids, hyaluronic acid, tamanu and argan oil, combined with refined ingredients such as microbiota technology, strengthen, revitalize, nourish and add shine and softness to the hair from the very first moment. It produces a soft foam that conforms to the skin barrier, making it suitable for damaged hair and sensitive scalps as well.

The formulas are based on the Ultimate Green Biotech System, a special blend of botanical actives and green biotechnology that works by stimulating natural regenerative skin processes.

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