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Black cumin construction method from Ibn-i Sina that restores white hair in one night!

İbn-i Sina shared the formula that helps prevent hair graying. This formula, which was written exactly a thousand years ago, prevents graying of hair without the need for chemical dyes. Here is the formula that Ibn Sina wrote a thousand years ago…

The basic color of the hair, which we think has turned white, is actually white. The name of the pigment that gives the hair its natural color is melanin. The formation of this pigment begins even before birth. As we age, the production of melanin in the body decreases. As the melanin capacity decreases, this causes graying of the hair. Although formulas that lengthen or tighten hair are common, there are also various methods against gray hair or graying hair. However, the recipe of Ibn Sina, which has survived to the present day, has surpassed these methods. You can eliminate the whiteness of your hair with a natural method.

The oils recommended by Ibn Sina to prevent graying of hair are as follows; Fenugreek oil, Carob oil and Nigella sativa oil:

BAN HERB OIL: This oil helps prevent hair graying. It also has a hair removal feature.


CAROB OIL: Carob, which is generally grown in the Mediterranean climate, comes to the fore with its nutritive value. It is known as a powerful food source due to the components and vitamins it contains. Thanks to the antioxidant substances it contains, carob contributes to obtaining shiny and strong hair.


Nigella sativa: It prevents hair breakage and adds moisture to the hair. It is a solution to the itching problems on the scalp. It prevents doging and prevents hair whitening. It also gives shine to the hair.

Nigella sativa

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