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Break your taboos. Who said men don’t wear make up?

We are moving towards a point where the concept of beauty is gender-neutral today. The importance given to external appearance and perfect beauty began to affect not only women but also men .

The situation we mentioned is much better than after shave or moisturizers that prevent drying of the skin ted. Take a moment and imagine. You wake up one morning and your boyfriend asks you for your concealer to cover the dark circles under his eyes while he is getting ready to go to work.

As in the fashion sector, as well as in the field of cosmetics, the make-up series produced by the brands for men further inflamed this debate.

In 2003, Jean Paul Gaultier, who was open to innovations and vision, first launched a men’s make-up collection. However, the spirit of the period was not ready for this yet, and the life of this enterprise was short-lived. It took 15 years for men to pay attention to their appearance at least as much as women and not find this strange.

In 2018, Chanel created the Boy de Chanel sub-brand. It launched men’s cosmetics including eyebrow pencil and foundation. With the release of make-up collections for men by Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs, the cosmetics industry has signaled that it has begun to change its stance, which is only focused on women.

The history of men’s make-up

Even though we are approaching this new trend with a little strangeness today, when we look back, we see that make-up is the least You may remember the times when men were as important as women. From 4000 BC to the 19th century, men traditionally applied makeup in many different ways. In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome they used to apply rue to men’s eyes. In addition, it was very popular for men to paint their faces white during the reign of Queen and Elizabeth d .

Men’s makeup

The cosmetics company has already started producing special make-up products for men. Today, many men want to look well-groomed, handsome and healthy. Just like women, this is why they started to resort to little make-up tricks. Although we are not talking about the relatively large ratios zy yet, especially men aged 30 and under are more moderate in this new trend.

Ö , for example, they close the dark circles under the eyes, which reveal their tiredness, with natural-looking concealers compatible with their skin color. If you want to look less tired and healthier, you can choose the most suitable one for yourself from these concealer suitable for different skin colors.

In addition, men use lip balms in natural colors with SPF protection feature on their lips and even prefer foundations that are equal to their skin tones in order to make their skin look smoother and healthier.

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