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Brow guide for your age

Thin, thick, sparse, plump, curved or straight. All these features about eyebrows are small data giving clues about you. It reveals your look, expression, style and even your age. Therefore, the form of the eyebrows should not only be designed with an aesthetic concern, but also in a way that reflects you and your personality in the most accurate way. Especially since the eyebrows change with age, small touches to keep up with this change are essential. Ergül Keskin, Founder of Conture Make up Studio, Contour Makeup Trainer, Ergül Keskin, answers the question of how eyebrows should be according to age.

Your eyebrow tells you

Eyebrow contouring is a very convenient method for determining the most correct eyebrow form for the face and positioning the eyebrows at the right point. is the method. The eyebrows, which are restructured with the eyebrow contour, characterize the gaze and strengthen the expression. It plays a decisive role in the emergence of the golden ratio, which is the mathematical representative of beauty. It changes the aura of the person and gives a more lively appearance. Eyebrow contouring, which is a cosmetic application in which color pigments are processed 0.3 – 0.5 millimeters below the skin with the help of completely personalized sterile needles, provides regeneration for sparse, shed or lost form eyebrows. However, not every eyebrow is suitable for every woman. The shape of the face, the form of the eye, and the age of the person are important factors affecting the design of the eyebrow. By omitting the age factor, some results may not produce the desired look.

The craziest ages of simplicity: 20’s

In this period when almost everyone goes crazy, eyebrows also get their share of change. According to the trends of the period, eyebrows that sometimes become thinner and sometimes thicker, but enter a uniform form, are mostly shaped according to fashion, not age. However, in the 20s, which is the most beautiful age of youth, plain eyebrows that will underline the beauty but will not prevent it are the most ideal. At this point, if the person’s existing eyebrows are already full and voluminous, a perfect look can be achieved with just small touches. If the eyebrows are sparse and the hair growth directions are scattered, at this point, the eyebrows can be restored with natural and simple corrections. However, curved, very dense and thick or very thin eyebrows should be avoided whenever possible.

30s when femininity comes to the fore

Every woman who has reached her 30s has tried many eyebrow forms. For those who still cannot decide on the eyebrow form that will suit them until this age, the most important criterion is to have eyebrows that are compatible with the face. If your face and eye shape is suitable, slight curves will give your eyes a bright look. If you have thin eyebrows that are inherited from old applications, they should definitely be thickened and eyebrows that are positioned upwards to cover the effects of time that appear slightly should be preferred. For women who want to highlight their femininity, assertive but measured eyebrows can offer quite surprising results. A sharper eyebrow form can be chosen for striking looks.

Time to rejuvenate looks: Ages 40 and over

When you reach the age of 40, you begin to feel the effects of time on your skin more. Slight sagging may occur, especially in the skin that has begun to lose its elasticity. The most affected by this condition are the eyelids, where the skin is much thinner. As the eyelids drop down, the expression in the eyes weakens, the person looks tired and is perceived as larger than he is. In order to reverse this situation and bring youth to the gaze, it is necessary to turn to upwardly extending forms. It should be avoided to thin the eyebrows too much, the part close to the root of the nose should be left as natural as possible and the end of the eyebrow should be shaped upwards. This creates a small optical illusion against the low eyelid appearance, making the person look much younger and fresher.

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