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Choose your eyebrows according to your eye shape

It is impossible to consider the eyebrow form that characterizes the eye shape independently of the eyes. The right eyebrow shape can only be achieved when it is designed for the face and especially the eyes. Ergül Keskin, Founder of Conture Make-up Studio, Contour Make-up Trainer, Ergül Keskin, explains the eyebrow forms you should choose according to your eye shape.

Not every eyebrow model is suitable for every woman

One of the areas where fashion leads is eyebrows that play a decisive role in beauty. Sometimes thin eyebrows are sometimes shaped downwards, and sometimes they are victims of exaggerated curves. With the introduction of new generation applications into our lives in the 2010s, the eyebrows started to get thicker, but this time a uniform appearance appeared on the eyebrows; thick, unnatural, straight eyebrows with sharp corners. It has become possible to see the same eyebrow form in many people.

When this trend was said to be old, eyebrows shaped with make-up with the influence of social media entered our lives, which seem to be perfect but cause a more artificial appearance. Many eyebrow models may be in trend after today, but no fashion can be as effective as the eyebrow form that will suit the person’s face. Therefore, instead of wanting the eyebrows you see on social media or a celebrity, having the most suitable eyebrow form for your facial features and eyes will make you look much more beautiful and stylish. At this point, you can decide on the most suitable eyebrow form for yourself according to the tips below.

For thick and textured eyebrows

If the eyebrows you want to see for yourself are thick and textured, it is a great advantage to have big and round eyes. will provide. Because if the eyebrows of people with these eyes are not the right thickness, the eyes may not give the desired aesthetic effect. For this reason, you can have thick eyebrows that will emphasize and underline the beauty of your eyes while having eyebrow contours. Thick eyebrows will both create a natural look and create a younger expression.

For wide-angle eyebrows

Many people think that curved eyebrows suit them better. If you have low eyelids, this eyebrow form may be very suitable for you. Because an illusion that will show the lower eyelids higher is a must. Slightly curved eyebrows that are positioned upwards will make the eyes look more slanted. If your eyes are already slanted, a curved eyebrow may be too much for you, so a more proportional eyebrow form should be determined.

For slightly curved eyebrows

Slightly curved eyebrows are the savior of small eyes. It makes the eyes look bigger and brighter than they are. For this, in order to create a clear area while contouring the eyebrows, the tip of your eyebrows should be slightly curved and thinned. These eyebrows, which extend from thick to thin rather than straight eyebrows, should continue a little longer than the end of the eyes. If your eyebrows are short, this will be easily solved with the contouring process.

Most importantly, natural eyebrows

Regardless of your eye shape, it is very important not to miss the most important criteria for eyebrows; naturalness. At this point, a natural running form must be determined within the framework of your face and eye structure with professional contour make-up experts.

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