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Deep cleansing on the skin: Hydrafacial

Beauty is a whole and a clean and smooth skin comes first among the most important parts that complete this whole. A bright, fresh and vibrant skin plays a decisive role in looking beautiful and young. However, some imperfections may overshadow the beauty and bring aesthetic concerns. Ergül Keskin, the Founder of Conture Make Studio, Contour Make-Up Trainer, explains the hydrafacial method, stating that the new generation beauty treatments provide deep cleansing by eliminating skin problems.

What is Hydrafacial

One of the anti-aging care methods, hydrafacial; It is an effective process that includes skin renewal, cleansing, deep purification, acne and acne treatments. The hydrafacial, which is made with the help of a vacuum-shaped device, provides deep cleaning of the skin without causing any harm to the skin, thanks to the developed vortex technology. The most important feature of Hydrafacial is that it makes the skin look healthier, brighter and younger.

Hydrafacial usage areas

– Skin care

– Enlarged and clogged pore treatment

– Blackhead problem

– Sebum balancing in oily skin

– Acne treatment

– Skin Revitalizing

– Treatment of fine lines

– Deep moisturizing of the skin

– Hydrafacial application can be safely used to increase skin elasticity

Why Hydrafacial

The only FDA-approved regular skin care device in the world, hydrafacial has been chosen as the best skin rejuvenation and treatment technology of the last 5 years. Unlike other skin care systems, this method, which gives safe and fast results, creates great results on the skin. Hydrafacial, which can be applied safely on all skin types, plays a role in the emergence of renewed skin tissue by peeling the skin at a micro level. This application, which provides a very effective cleansing thanks to the vacuum, is also effective in reducing fine lines, equalizing the skin tone, solving acne problems and regaining the natural vitality of the skin.

Difference from other skin cares

– Painless and painless

– No side effects

– Fast acting

– Suitable for all seasons

– Suitable for all skin types

– Make-up can be safely applied 1 day after the application

– The session duration is short, it lasts an average of 1 hour

– It does not cause irritation or allergies

– Provides permanent results

Application method of Hydrafacial

First of all, the skin is vacuumed for deep cleaning. Then, hydrapeeling is applied in accordance with the procedure. For this, peeling is performed using vacuum and liquid. If there is a problem skin, if the person has problems such as acne and acne on his skin, a diamond cap is used to prevent irritation. The procedure provides microdermabrasion of the upper layer of the skin. Oxygen maintenance is applied in the next step. Then the humidification process is started. Thanks to the special spiral design of the equipment used, the moisturizers used are penetrated into the skin.

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