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Do not dye your hair without knowing these!

In recent years, the trend of hair dyeing at home has become widespread rapidly, and many people prefer to dye their hair at home instead of going to the hairdresser to change or refresh their hair color.

This trend has become even more popular, especially due to recent events. However, there are some important tips you should know before embarking on hair dyeing.

These tips cover a range of important topics, from ensuring your hair color is what you want to protecting your hair’s health.

Here are 11 important things to consider before starting the hair dyeing process at home:

  1. The Length and Density of the Hair Affects the Amount of Dye: When dyeing hair, consider the length and density of your hair. Thicker or long hair may require more dye. Long hair ends can absorb the dye more, so the time it takes to dye the ends may vary.
  2. Hair Types May Produce Different Results: Your hair type (such as thick, thin, dry, permed) may affect the dyeing process. While thick hair absorbs the dye longer, thin hair can absorb it faster.
  3. Consider Before a Haircut or Perm: If you want to cut or perm your hair before dyeing, you should do this before dyeing. Hair dyeing after a haircut or perm will suit your new look.
  4. Hair Cleanliness is Important: When dyeing hair, it is better not to wash your hair before dyeing. Clean hair can be dyed, but before washing the hair, the natural oils that protect the scalp may be lost. Additionally, washing hair before dyeing can irritate the scalp.
  5. Can You Apply Dye to Dirty Hair? The duration of dyeing the hair before washing may vary. While it may be necessary to wash 12-24 hours before for semi-permanent dyes, it is recommended to wash 24 hours before for permanent dyes.
  6. You Can Mix Colors: You can mix colors to create your own unique hair color. However, be careful about tonal differences when mixing colors.
  7. Don’t Neglect the Time:After starting the hair dyeing process, stick to the time specified on the package.
  8. Use Conditioner: Using hair care cream after dyeing can add softness and shine to your hair. It is generally recommended to use the hair care conditioner included in the dye box.
  9. Duration of Paint: Hair dyeing process takes approximately 1.5 hours. If you are dyeing it yourself at home, you can determine how long the dye should stay on the hair.
  10. Attention Before Hair Lightening Procedure: If you are going to bleach your hair, you should be careful not to burn your hair. Lightening hair color is a difficult process for hair and must be applied correctly.
  11. Hair care: Don’t forget to take special care of your hair after dyeing your hair. Use hair care products to protect the color of the hair and keep it healthy.

You can achieve more successful and healthier results by considering these important points before dyeing your hair at home.

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