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Do not let the shadow of the gums fall on the perfect smiles

Worrying about appearance can prevent people from laughing comfortably. The excessive appearance of the gums during smiling is one of these aesthetic concerns. In addition, problems such as asymmetry in the gingival levels and gingival recession can also manifest themselves in addition to these concerns. With the dental laser treatment method, gum problems can be easily treated in a short time.

Causes aesthetic anxiety

When the gums are more prominent than the teeth, the quality of the smile decreases. This leads to aesthetic dissatisfaction. Adjustments can be made to the gingival levels of patients whose gingiva is very prominent. This procedure, which was previously performed with surgical methods, is now applied to the patient more practically with the dental laser treatment method.

Aesthetic concerns can cause psychological problems in people over time. Deformities in the gums or having longer gums than normal can negatively affect the psychology of people. In addition to the problems in the gums while smiling, jaundice or discoloration due to smoking can also cause the person to feel uncomfortable while smiling. All these problems can be solved practically with the dental laser treatment method today.

Solution in a short time with laser treatment

Dental laser applications, which are considered to be a more comfortable treatment method than other treatments, are the solution to many dental problems. It can be used as well as providing high success in solving gingival problems. Laser treatment, which allows patients to achieve the smile they want, helps to solve teeth and gum problems in a short time. With dental laser, patients are treated without feeling any pain, pain or pressure during their treatment. With this method, the level of the gums can also be shaped according to the patient’s request.

Get rid of problematic gums in a short time

In dental laser treatment, first of all, the specialist of the area called pocket, located between the tooth and gum must be measured by a physician. Then, the parts that are considered as redundant are cut with the laser method. This procedure, which is thought to be frightening or difficult, can actually be performed in a very short time, such as 15-20 minutes, without the application of anesthesia. In addition to being a comfortable application, the patient starts to recover within 1 or 2 weeks after the procedure. For this reason, it becomes easy for the patient to return to daily life after dental laser treatment is applied.

After the patient’s jaw development is completed and the rules recommended by the physician are followed, dental laser treatment generally has a permanent effect. For this reason, it is stated that the treatment can be applied to all patients over the age of 18 and it is successful.

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