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Next to the lively streets, a peaceful holiday and warm summer evenings in the summer season; It is also the harbinger of the scorching heat that leaves the hair thirsty, the scorching wind and the salty sea. The New Pantene Hydra Glow Series with Pantene Pro-V formula enriched with Baobab Extract, Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid, on the other hand, saturates even the hair, which is worn out in summer and has constant dryness problems, with water and makes it shine.

For Hair Losing Its Shine in Summer; Goodbye Dry Hair Ends Serum

At the center of the Hydra Glow series, Goodbye Dry Hair Serum was designed with inspiration from skin care products to quench the thirst of even the driest hair. With its cream-to-water structure when you apply it to your hair, this serum moisturizes the hair, unites the split ends, increases the softness of your hair and restores your hair to the shine it deserves. With the serum that will quench your thirst without weighing your hair down in the summer months, you can have water-saturated, healthy glowing hair for up to 72 hours in 1 use.

Hydra Glow Series to Quench Your Hair’s Thirst

Hydra Glow Moisturizing Shampoo in the Pantene Hydra Glow series, with its Pantene Pro-V formula Enriched with Baobab Extract, cleanses the hair without damaging it and restores its shine without weighing it down. Hydra Glow Moisturizing Hair Care Cream helps to protect your hair from the wearing effects of summer by quenching your hair’s thirst. By penetrating your dull hair that has lost its shine, it restores its shine with its renewed formula. Hydra Glow Intense Moisturizing Mask, on the other hand, locks moisture into the hair and deeply moisturizes even the driest hair. The intense moisturizing mask, which gives a lively glow to the hair, smoothes and repairs the split ends caused by the wearing effects of the summer months on the hair.

Shiny Hair with Brand New Moisturizing Formula

The boabab, or “Tree of Life” as it is known, has the ability to survive even in the driest times with the water it stores in its trunk. Hydra Glow series, which aims to quench the thirst of even the driest hair, contains Baobab Extract obtained from Baobab seeds and Pro-V B5 formula enriched with Biotin.

Pantene Chief Scientist Dr Jeni Thomas talks about the new moisturizing formula
“Focusing on hair health, Pantene is inspired by nature to achieve the healthiest and most impressive results. With the Pro-V B5 formula enriched with Baobab Extract, which will quench the thirst of even the driest hair, it will be able to achieve the deeply moisturized, shining hair of all users’ dreams.”

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