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Effects of jade massager in a short time

One of the favorite applications of women after derma roller jade roller , that is jade massage . The jade massager is in the form of a small cylinder. You can see that it is one of the most effective skin care tools when used regularly. We have researched the effects of this stone, which has been used to reduce pain in China for years, on the skin. Scientifically proven, this massage has numerous benefits on the skin. Natural stone massage rollers do not have any risk of use. Don’t forget to massage your neck as well.

Note: You should be careful when purchasing the jade massager. Trying to make imitation stones look like the stone you want to buy.

Benefits of jade massager

– It reduces the fat and bruises in custody.

– If you massage with jade stone after the creams you apply on your face, it accelerates the effect on the skin by allowing the creams to be absorbed more quickly.

– It takes the tension of the skin and causes wrinkles to disappear over time.

– Relaxes the muscles and relieves facial fatigue.

– Increases blood circulation in the face.

– Provides a brighter skin as it accelerates blood circulation.

– Reduces blackheads and prevents acne formation in regular use.


– Keep the jade stone in the freezer for a maximum of 1 hour.

– After cleaning your face, massage by nesting in short intervals with up and down movements from your neck to your forehead.

– For a more effective result, apply your favorite cream or serum and then use the jade stone.

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