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Epilator types and features

Laser hair removal has become one of the most popular methods of getting rid of unwanted hair today.

Various laser devices developed for different skin types and hair structure have been the choice of many people by providing effective results.

In this article, detailed information will be given about Alexandrite, ND YAG, Diode Next and Soprano Ice Laser methods, which are the four most commonly used laser hair removal methods.

The features of each method and for whom it is more suitable will be examined, thus providing a useful guide for those who are considering laser hair removal.

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser epilation device is a method that is effective in light-skinned people. This device targets the melanin pigment by focusing on dark hair and shoots lasers at the root of the hair. Since the Alexandrite laser has the strongest wavelength, it provides more effective results on dark and thick hair. This method is carried out without contact with the gel and without touching the skin. It helps to reduce dark hair quickly and successfully, especially in light-skinned people.

ND YAG Laser Hair Removal

The ND YAG laser epilation device works by targeting the capillaries that feed these roots, not the hair follicles. This method gives very successful results in people with dark skin, tanned skin and thin hair. It is one of the most effective methods for laser hair removal among people with dark skin tones. The ND YAG laser device goes down to the lowest layers of the skin and shoots lasers at the veins that feed the hair root and neutralizes these veins. As a result, hair follicles that cannot be fed are shed and do not re-grow. ND YAG laser, which can be used safely in people with dark skin, does not affect the surrounding tissues and the melanin level of the skin. It removes hairs almost painlessly by protecting the cuticle with special cooling systems. Although NG YAG laser is a method preferred by those who want to get rid of facial hair, it also provides effective results in the removal of deeper hairs such as back, shoulders and chest.

Diode Next Laser Hair Removal

Diode Next Laser Hair Removal is a hybrid laser epilation technology with the ability to shoot at the hair and root at the same time. This method can be successfully applied to every skin and hair type and it is possible to achieve the desired results. Thanks to its hybrid technology, the diode laser provides excellent results according to the needs of every skin and hair, with its ability to shoot at the hair and roots at the same time. This method, which can affect even the thinnest and invisible hairs, is applied to the skin with the help of cold caps and gel, almost like ironing.

Soprano Ice Laser

Soprano ice laser is one of the most popular methods preferred as a painless laser hair removal method. Soprano Ice laser is a technology that can be used safely in every skin type and hair structure and can be applied even in summer. This technology, also known as ice laser hair removal or Soprano Ice laser, allows you to comfortably complete the laser epilation process without pain and pain. During the procedure, the skin is covered with gel and the device is moved with an ironing motion, while the special ice cap cools the skin and eliminates pain and pain. During the application, the person feels comfortable as if he is giving a massage. Soprano Ice Laser can be used throughout all four seasons and allows you to easily get rid of even the thinnest and light-colored hairs. In addition, thanks to its 2×1 cm head, it can be applied quickly in larger areas, which shortens the session time.

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