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Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Face Pro Max

Frozen Face Pro Max, the most talked about and preferred needle-free mesotherapy application of recent times, tightens the skin, moisturizes it and reduces blemishes. We heard everything about Frozen Face Pro Max, which is preferred for a younger skin, from Beauty Expert Merve Akkaya.

First of all, could you tell us about yourself?
Hello, I am Beauty Expert Merve Akkaya. I have completed my 20th year in my profession. I have had a beauty center bearing my name in Nişantaşı for 8 years, serving only women. In my education life, I was raised completely from the core. After graduating from the Skin Care and Beauty Services Department of Nişantaşı Rüştü Uzel Anatolian Vocational High School, I graduated from the Skin Care and Beauty Services Department of Istanbul Aydın University. As “Merve Akkaya Beauty and Aesthetics” on skin and body care, we follow all the innovations both at home and abroad and include them in our practices. We regularly support our expert estheticians with training in these areas.

I have always tried to do my best in everything I do. I think this is the first condition for success. My area of ​​expertise is skin problems, regional thinning, tightening, shaping and cellulite treatment. By rejecting the beauty norms imposed on women, I aim for every woman to be the best version of herself, outside the norm. And in my eyes, the concept of beauty is a synthesis that spreads from the inside out. It starts with the soul and ends with our body. Therefore, the motto of Merve Akkaya Beauty Center is; is to make every woman feel like a princess. Because all women deserve to feel this way!

What is Frozen Face Pro Max, also known as needle-free mesotherapy? How to do it?

Frozen Face Pro Max, a needle-free mesotherapy application, is one of the most used methods in the field of beauty recently. Its new technology increases the permeability rate of the personalized solution required for the skin by 30% with Ultrasound and Electroporation waves. It also includes applications that activate muscles, as well as LED Therapy, which accelerates the absorption of special and intense serums used on the skin. In this way, it eliminates all signs of aging on the skin, while also lightening the spots on the skin surface with maximum effect. Accordingly, studies have shown that the Frozen Face Pro Max system provides more effective results as it provides a more homogeneous drug application compared to the needle mesotherapy method.

“I aim for every woman to be the best version of herself.”

What exactly is the effect of needle-free mesotherapy on the skin?
Frozen Face Pro Max, which is preferred as an alternative to Botox and filler, strengthens the connective tissue with its new technology, Ultrasound and Electroporation waves, and ensures the necessary solution is infused under the skin through micro channels. It keeps the skin fresh and healthy from the first session. It is one of the most preferred methods with the comfort it provides during and after application.

Immediately after the procedure, lines, tightening, moisturizing, shine and blemishes are observed on the skin. As the sessions continue, these positive effects increase and become permanent.

Can you give information about the application time? Number of sessions, session intervals, reapplication time, etc.
The session duration lasts approximately 1.5 hours and 4 sessions are recommended once a week.

The most frequently asked question about needle-free mesotherapy is; Is there pain or suffering?
The sessions are extremely comfortable and enjoyable. No pain or suffering is felt during the Frozen Face Pro Max procedure.

Are there any points to consider before or after Frozen Face Pro Max? Who can choose this application?
The application can be done in all seasons and under all conditions. We recommend that procedures such as Botox or fillers be performed at the end of the sessions.

Anyone over the age of 20 who has complaints such as blemishes, lines, loss of elasticity, paleness and dullness on their skin can prefer the Frozen Face Pro Max application.

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