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Fullness without filling: lip contour

The reflection you see when you look in the mirror should make you happy… At this point, some women may not like their thin and colorless lips. Although it may seem like just an aesthetic concern, this can cause a loss of self-confidence. Ergül Keskin, the Founder of Conture Make up Studio, Contour Make-up Trainer, Ergül Keskin, explains what should be known about this method.

No filling, there is fullness

Plump and shaped lips are considered the most important beauty criteria of every period. However, not everyone can have full lips, and even full lips can lose their shape depending on time. Lips, which are effective in the golden ratio of the face, play a decisive role in obtaining a symmetrical and attractive appearance. At this point, many applications have been put into action in order to give the existing lips a more aesthetic form and to color the lips. One of these, filling, is seen as an alarming and painful experience for some women. Therefore, many women who do not want to have fillers resort to alternative methods for full and shaped lips.

Lip contouring is one of the most frequently used alternative methods. The lip contouring procedure, which is preferred by those who do not want to have any fillers injected into their lips, is ideal for achieving the desired result with pigments with a wide color scale and disposable sterile needles.

Why should you have lip contouring

Many people may have congenital thin lips or the lips may lose their former fullness due to the decrease in collagen with age. may lose. Although these are no longer a problem thanks to new generation applications, many people are hesitant to resort to aesthetic procedures such as fillings in order to have the full lips they want. At this point, lip contour, which offers practical and long-term permanent solutions, colors the lip with completely natural dyes and also makes the lip line clear.

Moreover, thanks to this application, which is applied not under the skin as in filling application, but on the upper part of the skin, the lip is shaped much more easily.

Entrust yourself to expert hands

Lip contour that creates a much fuller appearance by shaping the lip line, completely personalized sterile needles It is an application in which organic color pigments are processed 0.3 – 0.5 millimeters under the skin with the help of It is possible to achieve natural and perfect results with lip contouring, but it is very important that the person who will perform the application is a trained specialist.

At this point, Ergül Keskin pointed out that lip contouring is an application that requires technical knowledge and experience; “Lip contour application should definitely be applied by professionals. Since it is a very meticulous process, every step should be carried out carefully. First of all, people should research and find a center whose expertise they are sure of” .

How to apply lip contouring

In the first stage, the subject of color is decided with the person who wants to contour the lip.The color to be chosen is from the own tone of the lip, in lip makeup fashion It can be in different tones up to the colors that come to the fore. After the color is decided, the lip shape is decided by keeping the wishes of the person in the foreground. First of all, the part that frames the lips and where the lip pencil is usually applied is clarified.

Then the lips are filled in. Lip contour The procedure is a slightly painful procedure due to the sensitivity of the application area. It takes between 2 and 2.5 hours depending on the model used. Retouching is required 20 days after the lip contouring process is applied. Depending on the color, model and structural features chosen by the person, it has a permanence of 3 to 5 years.

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