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Get rid of skin blemishes with IPL

Our skin is the barrier between the body and the outside world. Although it has a perfect system, it is impossible not to be affected by some environmental factors. Undesirable spots on the skin, which are mostly affected by external factors such as the sun, may appear on the skin permanently.

Skin spots are not destiny

Our skin structure sometimes lowers its guard against external factors and sometimes hormonal changes. This leads to the formation of unwanted spots on the skin. Stains that reach dimensions that cannot be ignored both prevent the skin from looking clean and bring aesthetic concerns. Many people resort to cosmetic products to hide sunspots. However, although this is not a definitive and effective solution, it also causes other skin problems in long-term use. At this point, IPL stain treatment offers very satisfactory results.

It’s time to say goodbye to stains

The harmful UV rays of the sun reach the collagen producing layer of the skin and this causes problems such as spotting, wrinkles and sagging on the skin. creates. IPL, which means intense pulsed light, is perfect for blemishes and wrinkles on the skin. IPL spot treatment, which is the process of transmitting the light selected in accordance with the target tissue and filtered at the wavelength to the skin, reaches the target tissue to be treated without any damage to the skin. Thanks to the heat energy, the stain is treated by causing damage to the tissue. In IPL spot treatment, by targeting melanin, the color pigment, not only sunspots but also freckles and pregnancy spots can be treated. In addition, skin rejuvenation and rejuvenation procedures are performed with IPL. In which areas does IPL Spot Treatment work?

– Spots during pregnancy

– Freckles

– Skin renewal

– x

– Stretch marks

– Age spots

– Sunspots

– IPL is used in areas such as birthmarks

How many sessions is IPL spot treatment

IPL spot treatment may take 2-6 sessions, depending on the problem in the person. Session intervals should be 2-5 weeks. The factors affecting the number of sessions are;

– Depth of the stain

– Color of the stain

– Color of the skin

– Reason for the formation of the stain

– Type of stain

What should be considered after the procedure

Before and after the procedure sunbathing should be avoided, sun exposure should be avoided, sunscreen should be used after the procedure in sun-exposed areas. After the procedure, the person can easily return to his daily life. In the first 5 days, there will be a temporary darkness in the stain, but it is a superficial situation. As the crusts fall, the darkness goes away. If the darkness bothers you, you can get help from cosmetic products.

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