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Get the fit look of your dreams with the Emsculpt app

We live in a world where visuality and personal image gain more and more importance every day. As such, visual disturbances due to various reasons attract more attention. The hustle and bustle of the day, the lack of time, the stress and the changing lifestyle invites you to some unwanted situations in your body. In cases where you cannot spare enough time for diet and sports for a more shapely body, modern medicine comes to your rescue. The emsculpt application, which is defined as the last point reached by the science of aesthetics, both builds muscle and burns fat…

You do not need to go abroad for the application, emsculpt is carried out in the best centers in Istanbul. Moreover, there are many people coming to Istanbul from abroad for this application.

Emsculpt for non-surgical fit

The stronger your muscles, the more flawless and attractive your body will look. If your body looks different and overweight even if you are the same weight as in your youth, it is because of muscle loss. Moreover, muscle loss does not only cause an overweight appearance… Keeping your muscles in shape allows you to stand up straighter and achieve a perfect silhouette. Over the years, succumbing to gravity and losing its rounded form, butt muscles hang down. But with new generation technologies, it becomes possible to prevent sagging in your abdominal and butt muscles. Emsculpt technology allows you to capture a fit image without surgery, without reducing your diet and without spending time on sports.

Strong abdominal muscles and an upright butt

With the Emsculpt device, you can build muscle and burn fat at the same time. It stands out as the only fat burning and muscle strengthening technology in the world that does not require surgery. First of all, emsculpt, which strengthens the muscle structure under the fat layer, reduces the fat ratio by increasing the muscle density. It helps you achieve the look of your dreams by revealing a thinner and more athletic abdominal structure. The treatment has an erecting and firming effect on the buttock muscles, which is the second application area. The increased muscle mass without the need for surgery performs a shaped contraction in the butt. Again, with emsculpt technology, which is seen as the only non-surgical butt lift procedure in the world, you can look more athletic, tight and attractive effortlessly.

Emsculpt works with electromagnetic energy

The device, whose effectiveness has been proven as a result of clinical studies and biological research, uses electromagnetic waves. Thanks to the high-intensity electromagnetic waves, the muscles in the applied area contract 20 thousand times per minute. The effortless practice is much simpler and more effective than working out in the gym. Muscles that cannot be achieved with exercise and fat masses that are considered impossible to break down become realistic targets thanks to high technology. Optimum results are obtained with electromagnetic waves that maximize fat burning and muscle formation in the problem area. Moreover, there is no need for a preparatory phase for the application. You lie down and feel your muscles begin to contract. No anesthesia, no pain… The contractions following a certain algorithm are sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Your dream image in 5 sessions

The protocol, which is usually completed in 4 sessions, takes a maximum of 5 sessions. After this effortless procedure, which can be applied to any patient, you can return to your daily life immediately. You will feel the change after the first session of Emsculpt treatment. The application, which gives effective results in a short time, is durable for up to two years. It is also possible to provide permanent fit in the treated area, thanks to the sessions to be applied from time to time in line with your request.

Emsculpt Turkey prices

Emsculpt, which does not require surgical intervention, is considered reliable by the American Health Organization. With this technology, which has a medical CE certificate, you can have a fit image in as little as four weeks. If you are doing Emsculpt price research, it is possible to encounter different prices. However, the important thing is to entrust yourself to a good specialist doctor. At this point, Op. Dr. You can call Alpaslan Topçu and request an appointment.

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