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Harmony of night and day with Penhaligon’s British Tales series

Penhaligon’s British Tales fragrance line is an elegant and sophisticated fragrance collection that evokes the stories and characters of English literature. Each fragrance has a unique and captivating aroma inspired by a particular English fairy tale.

From the sweet, floral scent of Alice in Wonderland to the smoky, woody scent of Sherlock Holmes…

Whether you’re looking for something to evoke British nostalgia or add a touch of sophistication to your day, Penhaligon’s British Tales fragrance range is the perfect British choice.

Embrace the energy of the sun: Solaris

Solaris, the new perfume of Penhaligon’s, embraces the active energy of the sun with its warm and lively scent. The dizzying scent of Solaris, where the notes of frankincense, citrus and ylang-ylang meet in a magnificent harmony, takes you on a journey to happy summer days. The sandalwood aroma added in the middle notes adds a sophisticated and modern air to this unique perfume. | Penhaligon’s Solaris Price: 4.150 TL (100 ML)

Under the moonlight: Luna

Luna, a delicate and light perfume, revives the clarity felt under the moonlight with its floral scent on your skin. Bringing together jasmine, rose and citrus notes, Luna fascinates with its attractive scent. | Penhaligon’s Luna Price: 4.150 TL (100 ML)

Get ready for a historical journey with Penhaligon’s British Tales series

Feel the spirit of spring on your skin with the floral scents of the British Tales series, created by Penhaligon’s, the deep-rooted perfume brand of England, inspired by the history of the British aristocracy.

British Tales perfumes, inspired by fairy-tale stories in British culture and history, bring together the scents of fascinating flowers from different locations in England in a bottle. Developing unique perfumes with the attention to detail, Penhaligon’s British Tales series takes you on a journey in British history.


Elisabethan Rose, where the sweet rose notes in its heart, the fresh scent of hazelnut leaves and vetiver plant come together in a magnificent harmony, heralds the arrival of spring with its floral scent. The unique scent of Elisabethan Rose, inspired by the coming together of the York and Lancaster families, one of the popular families of British history, is addictive. | Price: 4.150 TL


A sweet and sensual perfume, The Favorite seduces with its powdery and floral scent. Combining notes of mimosa, sandalwood and musk, this unique fragrance makes you feel the joy and lightness of spring on your skin. The aromas of bergamot, jasmine and tangerine used in the base notes add a completely different charm to The Favorite. | Price: 4.150 TL


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