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He was the presenter of Wheel of Fortune, he became such a thing with aesthetics that it is impossible to recognize

Here is My Style fashion program has included many names in our lives. Emel Özkızıltaş, one of the names we know from My Style, became famous with the phrase ‘There’s a moon-kill for me’ she used in the competition. The name, who later acted as a hostess in Çarkıfelek, was not on the screen for a long time. It was suggested that the reason for the absence of the successful presenter was aesthetic operations. Sharing the latest version of Özkızıltaş attracted great attention from her followers.

She became a different person with aesthetics

The allegations that Emel Özkızıltaş, who was not seen for a long time after her adventure as a stewardess in Çarkıfelek, had undergone some aesthetic operations, caused confusion. Özkızıltaş had a completely different appearance after her aesthetic operations.

The latest draws attention

The final form of Özkızıltaş appeared soon after. The new version of Özkızıltaş also divided her followers into two. While some of his followers liked the new version of the beautiful name, they mostly did not like the new version. Her followers commented that Emel Özkızıltaş’s natural state is much more beautiful.

Özkızıltaş’s change was “I thought it was Bülent Ersoy’s youth”, “Bülent Ersoy’s lost daughter”, “Why did he do this to himself!”, “It became artificial when he missed the proceedings” and “His old version It was much nicer,” comments were made.

Who is Emel Özkızıltaş?

His profession is an aircraft cabin attendant. Her nickname is Zennube. Emel Özkızıltaş is 35 years old. He was born in 1986. His parents are divorced. Emel Özkızıltaş, who previously played a role in the music video for the song Letter by singer Abdullah Yıldız, made her name known to the masses with the contest called “What I Wear Today” broadcast on Kanal D. Jury member Nur Yerlitaş nicknamed himself Zennube. Emel Özkızıltaş, one of the colorful names of the competition, made a name for herself especially with Türkan Şoray’s imitation of the fisherman Azize character.

Kemal Doğulu, Ivana Sert, Nur Yerlitaş and Uğurkan Erez were the judges of the program, and Öykü Sertel was the host of the program. Emel Özkızıltaş, who made it to the finals with Zeynep Öztürk in the second season of the program, won the crown and the grand prize. For a short time, she appeared on the screens as the Wheel of Fortune hostess.

Lastly, he hosted a week in the program Gelinim Mutfak, which was broadcast on Kanal D in 2021 and was not very successful as a presenter.

Emel Özkızıltaş’s instagram address is @emelozkzlts

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