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Homemade masks from celebrity skin care experts

Homemade masks can be just as effective as store bought masks. Nichola Joss, Meghan Markle’s skin care expert, agrees with this fact. “Homemade masks are great. They’re easy, and you can control the products you put on your skin. That’s why my customers love these masks,” adds . Joss adds coconut oil to create a soothing paste effect. She adds that she uses turmeric for a lightening effect, honey for moisture and oats for peeling

Give your skin a glow with a turmeric mask

You can eliminate your acne and make your skin brighter with turmeric, which is a natural anti-bacterial and contributes to the production of collagen of the skin with its vitamin C.

N Moisturizing and cleansing mask

Avocado mask is known as one of the most frequently used masks among natural skin masks, as it is very beneficial for the skin. While deeply moisturizing the skin, it reduces wrinkles. With these benefits in mind, set aside some of the avocado that you normally mash to eat for this moisturizing and cleansing mask, which you’ll prepare. By adding olive oil and honey, you will have a very effective mask for the winter by ensuring the moisture balance of the skin.

Revitalize your skin with coconut oil mask

Coconut oil purifies the skin from dead cells and moisturizes the skin. Therefore, the use of this oil for beauty purposes is quite common. Coconut oil penetrates into the skin pores and softens the skin, while honey moisturizes the skin and is a natural moisturizer. You can already smell the wonderful smell of the mixture you will create with this duo. Use high quality, unprocessed honey for best results.

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