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How are hair stones applied?

The trend of sticking stones in the hair is a trend that has become popular recently.

This trend is usually applied to long and wavy hairstyles. Stones create a decorative appearance by sticking to certain areas of the hair.

The sizes and colors of the stones may vary depending on personal preferences. With this trend, pearls or pearls are often used. white stones are used.

Hair spray or glue is usually used to stick the stones to the hair. However, it is important to make sure the hair is clean and dry before attaching the stones.

The trend of sticking stones in the hair can be a great option for special occasions such as special events or festivals.

However, remember that the stones can be easily removed from the hair, so they are not suitable for long-term use.

We have added examples below to inspire you:

Stones applied to bun hair

Stones applied to fair hair

Stones applied to the ponytail

Stones applied to the front of light hair

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