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How do we fight the effects of anxiety and stress on the skin?

Do you know why mood affects the skin? Increased anxiety, stress, and anger can cause wrinkles, premature hair loss, and acne. So, which products can you use for stress-related skin problems? Dry skin, increase in fine lines or acne; Which skin problem occurs for what reasons?

We are going through difficult times; the economy is compelling, the earthquake made our hearts bleed, the aftermath and ‘will it happen to us too?’ anxiety remains challenging for all of us. Whereas, stress, depression, anxiety and other negative emotions can affect the skin in different ways and to varying degrees. The length of time these feelings last can lead to acne, psoriasis, blemishes, eczema, rosacea, hives, itching, and more.

Why does mood affect the skin?

When it comes to emotions, our bodies often have a chemical response. Mood can reduce the skin’s ability to heal, increase cortisol levels in the bloodstream, weaken skin cells, and interrupt collagen production.

These days, dermatologists around the world are willing to embrace what is now known as “psychodermatology” and work with psychologists. Thus, they can go down to the source of skin problems and start the treatment process.

Clinical perspectives of mood-related skin issues

Most people don’t realize how much mood can affect the skin. In fact, it is also common for people to consult a dermatologist without realizing that the source of the problem may be a psychological problem. Stress and anxiety not only affect your mind, but can also wreak havoc on your skin. Doctors are calling this phenomenon a new field called ‘psychodermatology’. Experts say that just as happy emotions affect us positively, negative emotions can also affect our skin negatively. Particularly, the common explanation of clinical dermatologists is thought-provoking; “Our skin is connected with nerve endings and therefore our emotions express themselves on the skin.

Here are some common skin problems that can occur due to depression:

Under-eye bags:Under-eye bags may develop due to the accumulation of fluid in the lower eyelid due to insufficient sleep or excessive sleep during depression.

Fine lines:Constant stress and overthinking can cause eyebrows to frown, which can eventually turn into a permanent and deep crease between the eyebrows.

Dry skin: A depressed person is more likely to not drink enough water. This causes their skin to become dry and dull.

Acne and spots: Low mood and high stress exacerbate acne problems. Stress releases cortisol, which can upset other hormones in the body and lead to acne breakouts on your skin.

Rashes and hives:Depression affects the gut, imbalances in the gut can cause rashes and hives.

Redness or spot: A stressed and depressed person may take short, shallow breaths. An improper heartbeat can also lead to a flushed, red face followed by spotting.

Meditation therapies, proper nutrition, creams containing natural fragrances, perfumes, drinking plenty of water, doctor and family support play an important role in relieving a person of anxiety and hence the skin problems that come with it. At this point, it should especially turn to care products containing 90 percent natural essence.

Which products can I use for stress-related skin problems?

Hand and body creams by L’Occitane and Cake Beauty Milk Made, Forcapil and Aveda for hair, skin serums by Darphin, Caudalie, Weleda, Drops of Youth, Too Faced, Kai Beauty and Lonjevite, Gulsha face spray, Kiehl’s tonic, You can protect your skin with products such as The Body Shop’s revitalizing sleep cream and Yves Rocher’s Lifting Vegetal…

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