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How is Dermapen applied? How many sessions does it take? Prices of Dermapen application 2022

Squeezing acne on your skin is among the warnings of experts for years that it is wrong to touch your hands. However, since we want it to go away quickly, it damages our skin with the squeezing method and causes acne to form both spots and holes on the skin. In the meantime, the newly launched Dermapen application comes into play. So what is this dermapen application? Details are here…

Dermapen application; It is a skin care method that can be preferred by women who want to show their skin young, well-groomed and lively, regardless of age. Dermapen application, which removes age spots and thinning of the skin during periods when cell production slows down, by providing plumping and tightening under the skin with new productions, rejuvenation and renewal on the skin surface, is also one of the methods used to repair skin defects, prevent skin aging, and reduce wrinkles. Dermapen, which can be preferred by all women who care about the beauty and well-groomed appearance of their skin, is made by experts.


Before the Dermapen application, the make-up residues and dirt on the skin are cleaned and the skin is disinfected. Then, af hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy solutions or PRP are applied to the area to be treated. In Dermapen application, multiple micro channels are opened on the defective area of ​​the skin. The reason for this is to reduce the pain sensation of the person by using the automatic, vibrating needling technique with these opened channels, to accelerate the absorption of the applied products and to increase the effect of the treatment. In about 20 minutes, it is possible to achieve brand new and definitely younger skin.

In the picture below, you can see which areas the dermapen can be applied to.

On which areas is Dermapen applied?


Dermapen application is a procedure performed by looking at the extent of the damage to the skin or by observing the increase in wrinkles and even age criteria. In general, an ordinary dermapen treatment is completed in 3-6 sessions, at least 1 month is left between sessions, and in fact, the desired result in wrinkle treatments is usually achieved in 2-4 sessions.

Can Dermapen Treatment Be Applied Anytime?

It is a very safe application. It can be done at any age, any skin type, even in summer.

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