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How is Esra Bilgic’s make-up done?

Esra Bilgiç make-up represents a special make-up style that reflects a natural and simple understanding of beauty.

This style highlights the natural beauty of the skin, while at the same time making the presence of makeup elegantly felt in the eyes.

Esra Bilgiç’s choices in this style carefully emphasize the fine details on the face and create a unique appeal.

The make-up process starts with the preparation of the skin and continues with elements such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara applied step by step.

As a result, naturalness and beauty come together with Esra Bilgiç’s make-up, resulting in a fresh and attractive look.

Here is how you can do Esra Bilgiç makeup step by step:

1. Skin Preparation: Cleanse your face thoroughly with facial cleansing gel or milk before applying make-up. Then prep your skin by applying moisturizer. Then apply a pore-sealing base.

2. Foundation: Choose a thin foundation. Choose the one that matches your skin color. Apply the foundation to your skin with your fingertips or a makeup sponge. Cover your skin nicely by spreading it evenly. If there are imperfections on the skin, cover these areas with concealer. When choosing a foundation, you should pay attention to whether it has a matte or pearlescent finish. Glossy foundations that make the skin look oily and radiant are not suitable for this make-up. Brozer or contour application is almost non-existent, if you wish, you can apply a non-exaggerated nose contour.

3. Blush: We can see that Esra Bilgiç’s natural make-up has a blush that is not very lively. You can choose a blush in pink or peach tones, the important thing here is that you prefer colors with warm undertones. With the help of a brush, apply over the cheekbones towards the middle of the cheek. Gently diffuse for a natural glow.

4. Eyeshadow: Matte eye make-up is generally preferred in Esra Bilgiç’s make-up. Define your eye socket with a light brown eyeshadow. Apply the medium shade to the eyelids and diffuse it slowly. You can add depth to the outer corners by adding a slightly darker tone. We also recommend applying a cream-colored eyeliner to the inside of your eyes.

5. Eyeliner and Mascara: We have come to the most characteristic part of this make-up! Apply eyeliner with a dark brown eyeshadow to define your eyes. Draw the eyeliner following your eye line. Then distribute the eyeliner with a lighter color. So you will get a steamy look. If your dark brown eyeliner is not clearly visible after you distribute it, you should go over the eyeliner with one more layer of brown eyeshadow. After you’re done with the eyeshadow, curl your lashes with a curler and apply mascara. Get a voluminous and long look by combing your lashes beautifully.

6. Lips: To define the lips, you need to frame them. Then apply a warm-toned pink or brown-toned lipstick. Be careful that the lipstick is not bright as in every step of the make-up.

Note: Finally, you can apply a light highlighter to the tip of your nose.

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