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How to cut easy bangs at home in 4 steps?

Step 1: With the help of a thin comb, take a strand of hair in front of your face, depending on the thickness you want from the front of your hair. With your hands, bring your hair in front of your face to see if it looks like a V.

Step 2: Comb the hair that is outside of the section of hair you have separated, thoroughly with a comb and collect it from the back. You should pay special attention to the sides. If you also cut the hair that comes out from the sides, your bangs model may not be the way you want.

Step 3: Create a twist-up look by tying the remaining hair in the front with your hands. (Remember, you can avoid possible mistakes by cutting a little below the length you want) Cut your bangs by holding the scissors horizontally from the tip of the auger.

Step 4: To prevent the ends from becoming blunt and easy to shape, hold the scissors upright and trim the ends tiny. In this way, the bangs will fall in front of your face more easily.

To shape, hold the blow dryer down at a 45-degree angle and comb your bangs with the help of a comb.

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