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How to do graduation makeup? Practical graduation makeup

How about doing a perfect make-up at home on your graduation day, one of the most important and unforgettable moments of your life? You can make both a perfect skin make-up and a bright eye make-up that will draw all the attention to you. So how to do graduation makeup? What are the tricks? You should definitely check out our article to find out…

Graduation is an organization usually held before schools close. In order to look both cool and stylish on your graduation night, which is one of the most important organizations for women, make-up is as important as clothes and shoes. If you want to make a striking and bright make-up outside of ordinary days, you do not need to pay the hairdresser. With practical suggestions at home, you can make a perfect and bright make-up. How Does? In our article, you can find the details and tricks of an incredibly flashy make-up that will make you forget all the ordinary make-up.


An important trick of graduation makeup is to use permanent and water-resistant products. For this reason, you can get help from make-up base so that your make-up does not flow. Then you can apply a waterproof foundation. If you do not have redness or acne problems on your skin, we recommend using a very thin foundation. Because thick foundations will look like a mask on your face. This will not look good in photos.

graduation makeup

Another point you should pay attention to in skin make-up is that the foundation is the same color as your neck area. Otherwise, you will not be able to achieve full integrity in your skin tone. If you have under-eye problems, you can use a concealer in the same color as your skin tone.

You can use blush to look more lively in photos on this special night. You can also use the contouring process to shape the face. If we make a small warning, do not forget to make sure that the blush and bronzer are well distributed. In addition, it is possible to prevent color inequalities by applying blush and bronzer to the neck area.

If your eyelids are vascular, we recommend that you apply the concealer to these areas as well. Then you can use headlights in shades that are compatible with your outfit. If your eye shape is suitable for eyeliner application, you can choose a tailed eyeliner according to your taste. Then, don’t forget to apply a non-bleeding mascara that will stay on your eyelashes all night.

How to do graduation makeup

If you want to keep your eye makeup simple and highlight your lips, you can of course use dark lipsticks. For effective and lasting lips, first frame your lips with the help of a pencil and then fill in the inner parts slowly. If you have difficulty in applying lipstick, it will be easier to apply by taking the material on the brush.

2019 graduation makeup

On the other hand, it would be nicer to apply pale-skinned lipstick to your lips on graduation night. The reason for this is that the make-up looks plain and it is a little difficult to refresh the lipstick frequently on the graduation night.


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