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How to make up in hot weather? Make-up trends special for the summer of 2022

In hot summer days, you don’t need to apply layers of products to make your skin look flawless and flawless. Especially with the effect of hot weather, the foundation causes an ugly appearance on your face. So how to make up in hot weather? What are the ways to reduce make-up in summer? How to make make-up suitable for summer months? You must read our article to find out.

With the increase in air temperatures in recent days, daily make-up materials have changed as much as clothes. No matter how light concealers are used when applying make-up in the summer, you may need to reduce the make-up that creates a bad appearance on the skin with sweating. This is important for both your skin health and appearance. For example, using foundations containing intense color and moisture in hot weather causes excessive sweating and spots on the skin. However, there are some treatments you need to do to make your skin look flawless and healthy. In this article we have prepared, you can learn the tricks of applying make-up in hot weather.

how to make summer make-up

  • The quality of the make-up products you will use is always important . However, on days when you are exposed to the sun, you need to be a little more meticulous in this regard. When applying summer make-up, first of all, take care to use sunscreen creams. This is a very important issue, especially for sensitive skin. The quality of the sun products you will use is as important as the quality of the make-up products.

makeup trends

  • You should definitely use an anti-aging eye cream before going to bed at night. This step will ensure that eye bags do not form when you wake up in the morning.
  • To make your skin always look healthy and bright, you can choose BB cream-style sunscreens.

ways to reduce make-up in summer

Preferring antiallergic products is actually something that many of us overlook. a feature. To detect the anti-allergic product, when purchasing a cosmetic product, rub some of the product on your wrist and wait for a while to determine whether it has an allergic effect on your body. When you use a product you are allergic to under intense sunlight, you may encounter undesirable results.

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The most common complaint about summer make-up is the low permanence of make-up. Using a make-up base against sweating and lubrication significantly affects the flow of your make-up by sweating. Therefore, you should not neglect to apply some make-up to your skin during a summer make-up where you will attend both daily and special events.

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