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How to strengthen nails at home?

Weak nails are a common problem for most people.

Genetic factors, low blood values, prosthetic nail procedures can cause the nail to be like paper.

We hear the words “my nails break quickly” on the lips of almost everyone.

But the solution to this may be in your kitchen.

You can find the answers to the questions about how to strengthen the nails that everyone is curious about in our article.

How to strengthen weak nails?

You can start by taking care of your nails to strengthen them. With regular care, your nails can become even stronger. If you are applying false nails or gel nails to your nails, your nails are probably like paper.

Applications such as BU and permanent nail polishes cause the surface of the nail to weaken. Because they contain chemical products. Instead of these processes, applying your own nail polish, filing your nails short, and changing nail polish frequently will help strengthen your nail.

Having the same nail polish on the nail for a long time causes the nail to become airless and turns the nail yellow and weakens it.

In addition to all these, the weakness of the nail may not only be due to external influences. Low blood and vitamin levels also weaken the nail. For this, we recommend that you have your values ​​​​checked and take supplements if they are low.

What can be done to strengthen nails at home?

Some women resort to nail-strengthening nail polishes to strengthen their nails. This may not be a very effective method. Instead, we recommend taking keratin and vitamin B supplements.

To strengthen your nails, you can start by using a moisturizer first, because dry nails grow very slowly and break quickly.

To strengthen your nails, it is important to keep them away from cold water as much as possible and use them short. In addition to these, if you are someone who uses nail polish, take care to use base nail polish before applying nail polish.

When removing your nail polish, you should use acetone-free nail polish removers. The more natural the ingredients of your nail polish remover, the less damage it will cause to the nail.

If you use cleaners with excessive chemical content, you should change this habit and turn to natural vegan products.

Instead of alcohol-containing wet wipes, you can do your hands and nails a favor by buying sls, paraben, alcohol-free wet wipes.

By taking these suggestions into consideration, you will see that your nails are getting stronger. You just have to be patient.

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