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How to use skin care products containing collagen

Collagen protein, which is naturally found in all of our skin, but begins to decline after the age of 30, is one of the indispensable ingredients of the Korean cosmetics, namely K-beauty world. The prominent benefits of the collagen series compiled by Mizon, one of the beauty brands…

Collagen effect in skin care

we cannot imagine a living skin. The biggest reason for this is that collagen is a very important protein that is already found in many places in our body such as hair, skin, nails, joints, teeth, connective tissues and bones. Not only that, it gives shine and firmness to the skin, and flexibility to bones and muscles. The decrease in collagen, which holds body tissues together like a glue, means less tight, more matte, more unhealthy skin appearance. This annoying condition progresses in direct proportion to old age. As we age, signs of collagen deficiency begin to appear in our skin.

What is collagen support

In summary, we can say that collagen turns into a substance that should be taken as a supplement as we age. There are many collagen supplements we can use to surround our skin with an anti-aging armor, maintain its elasticity, and assist cell regeneration. For this purpose, first of all, we can add fruits and green vegetables containing collagen-rich vitamin C, foods containing vitamin A and Omega 3, and foods rich in lycopene and sulphur. Among the most effective care methods we can use are products such as collagen cream, collagen serum, collagen tonic and ampoule that we can add to our day and night skin care routine.

Benefits of skin care products containing collagen

– Relieves signs of aging, helps skin look brighter and healthier.

– It helps the skin to regain its elasticity.

– It provides restructuring of the skin, contributes to the improvement of problems such as acne, scars and acne.

– Its firming feature prevents cellulite formation.

-Collagen products in skin care

Which collagen products can you use in skin care

Collagen tonic: Tonic, when used regularly after skin cleansing, is a very special skin care product that tightens the skin and allows the pores to recover. By choosing tonics for products containing collagen, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles and help your skin become smoother and brighter.

Firming collagen eye cream: If you have a particularly sensitive eye area with fine wrinkles, you can benefit from the power of collagen by using a firming eye cream before applying moisturizer to your face.

Firming collagen cream: You can use face creams containing intense collagen in both day and night care to moisturize, tighten and protect your skin against signs of aging.

Firming collagen ampoule: Before applying the mask or after the essence, you can also use support ampoules containing enriched marine collagen, adding vitality and firmness to your tired skin.

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