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Is your makeup ready for winter?

One of the biggest problems faced by women in make-up is the deterioration of make-up due to environmental factors. Problems such as flowing caused by heat and humidity in summer are replaced by weather conditions such as wind, rain and snow in winter. While this situation causes the make-up made by giving long effort and time to be wasted, it also creates a negative image in terms of aesthetics. Emphasizing that contour make-up applications provide great advantages at this point, Ergül Keskin, Founder and Contour Make-up Trainer of Ergül Keskin Conture Make-up Studio, gives important information on the subject.

You can prevent your make-up from being affected

Make-up takes a serious amount of time. In particular, there are some make-up applications that turn into a big struggle for women. However, despite all the efforts, all the efforts can go to waste due to the weather. Contour make-up applications, which come into play at this stage and provide long-lasting permanence, ensure that the person always looks well-groomed and beautiful. Moreover, all contour make-up applications, from lips to eyebrows and eyeliner, eliminate problems such as deterioration and flowing regardless of the weather.

Always flawless appearance with eyebrow contours

One of the most popular beauty applications, eyebrow contour, natural pigmentations, suitable equipment and professional It offers great results when done by people. The pigments are left on the area to be applied with the help of a device with micro needles at the tip. Since it is worked on the surface of the skin, it does not cause any deformation or damage to the tissues. The eyebrow contouring process, which offers a very good way to achieve a natural look, provides permanence between 6 months and 2 years. In winter, you don’t have to worry about wind and rain.

Deteriorated eyeliner is a thing of the past

Perhaps the most difficult application of the make-up routine is eyeliner. It is very difficult to draw an equal eyeliner line on both eyes, sometimes one is thin and the other is thick. Queues may not coincide. In some cases, it is not enough to draw perfect eyeliner. Because a strong wind, incessant rain and snowfall in all its beauty can wait for you outside. In such cases, it is not even sincere that the eyeliner does not deteriorate. Therefore, taking a good eyeliner does not prevent you from being defeated by the weather conditions. However, with the eyeliner contour, it is possible to get ahead by one zero against the weather conditions. In the eyeliner contour application, a preliminary drawing is performed in accordance with the expectation and eye shape. The session, the duration of which varies between 1 and 2 hours according to the determined shape, is completed after 20 days by retouching. The result is always flawless, even and unbreakable eyeliner…

All right, lips

Lips, one of the most important steps of make-up Coloring may not always give the results you want when done with cosmetic products. Because it can be difficult to draw a good line and color the lips according to this line. In addition, when the lipstick applied on it due to weather conditions quickly deteriorates and is wiped, a much worse appearance emerges. The most permanent way to prevent this situation is the lip contouring process. The lip contour, which is defined as coloring the inside of the lip performed with the device and herbal dyes, does not only create a lively and undistorted image all day long. At the same time, it makes the lips look fuller, defines the lip line and provides the ideal form.

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