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Italian craftsmanship and the wealth of Tuscany

Acqua di ParmaAnd Tenuta Luce , candle and room fragrance came together to create a brand new fragrance for homes. Inspired by the magical Tuscany that defines the unique sense of value of life, heritage and culture, the limited edition fragrance transports the senses to sunny vineyards, combining the essence and knowledge of nature in a perfect balance.

Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce is a tribute to the deeply shared light of two deep-rooted Italian brands that have come together to create a brand new fragrance for the home. Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce, a collaboration based on flawless Italian craftsmanship born from the sun, fills living spaces with the energy and splendor of vines and the texture of vine leaves. The sparkling dry woody fragrance reflects the sunlit earth and the richness of Tuscany, home of Tenuta Luce.


Fresh, aromatic hybrid lavender and thyme notes enhanced with juniper touches complete the sparkling and eye-catching opening of Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce. After the strong and intriguing contrast, the fragrance evolves into more fruity, green and lush tones with the harmony of the vine leaves. Dry and glossy cedar wood revives the touch of sunny earth, while deep, enveloping and soft sandalwood evokes traditional Italian barrel craftsmanship.


Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce with 200 gr candle and 180 ml diffuser; As vivid as the intense sunlight illuminating the vineyards, it draws attention with its glossy black lacquered glass design decorated with eye-catching golden touches. Combining tradition, innovation, creativity and the pursuit of excellence, the fragrance pays tribute to Italian collaboration with its uniqueness.

In line with Maison’s attention to sustainability, the compact designed packaging of Acqua di Parma Home Collection reduces resource consumption. International FSC certified 100% recyclable paper is used in the packaging. Acqua di Parma meets Tenuta Luce candle, which is offered to fragrance lovers at Beymen Zorlu and Beymen.com sales points on April 15, is 1.900 TL and the selling price of the diffuser is 2.160 TL.

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