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It’s time to clean your cosmetic drawers!

It’s time for drawers maintenance!

When spring comes, we put our winter coats aside, equip our summer houses and closets, and start cleaning. But do we also clean our bags or drawers full of cosmetics? We actually need to do the spring cleaning we do on clothes for our bags and drawers filled with cosmetic products. Such products are exposed to excessive dust and bacteria during the day. Considering that you apply these products to your skin, it is worth saying that you must clean them.

Sort out your products

First of all, lay a towel and you can still use your products, and clean the ones on the towel and throw the rest in the trash. Extract for. Sometimes, out of our laziness, we may tend to put unused or aging products side by side with clean ones. However, the situation is very risky for the health of our skin!


Eyes are our most dangerous place for bacteria. For this reason, you should store products such as eyeliner and mascara that you use for eyes in different places.

Pay attention to expiration dates

Make sure to throw away sunscreens, especially those that have expired. Do not forget that after opening sunscreens, the lifespan is 1 year. If you keep your expired sunscreens, the protective properties are probably no longer there.

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