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Bond No.9, which creates unique perfumes inspired by the symbolic areas of the city from Wall Street to Manhattan, from Brooklyn to Central Park, adds a new one to its iconic perfumes with New York Flowers. The perfume, which comes to life with the unique scents of city-specific flowers and different notes, celebrates New York’s flower party. Born with the spirit of spreading beauty in the form of fragrance with flowers, Bond No.9 New York Flowers becomes the new symbol of the joy, renewal and natural wonders that flowers bring to the city.

It completes the fun of fragrances with its richly blended middle notes.

Opening to happiness with the sparkling top notes of Anjou pear, clementine, country royale accord and green ivy, the perfume is a celebration scent, completing the fun of fragrances with its richly blended middle notes of tuberose, star jasmine, rose and iconic red tulip. Base notes of creamy sandalwood, amber and Florence iris represent the floral part of the perfume, while The Big Apple represents the sophisticated and soft side. You can see the diversity, culture and dynamics of New York together; Like the city itself, modern and unrestrained Bond No.9 New York Flowers honors the city’s botanicals.

Bond No.9’s iconic Silhouette Bottle is decorated with flowers

Bond No.9’s famous Silhouette Bottle feels as cheerful and colorful as a new outfit. Against a pure white background, the misty pink and purple heart is decorated with colorful flowers, displaying a gilded floral design inspired by tulip flowers. With its responsible packaging approach, which is one of the basic principles of Bond No.9, New York Flowers offers its users the freedom to choose traditional or sustainable packaging without sacrificing luxury. Designed using 50 percent recycled broken glass, Bond No. The iconic Silhouette Bottle of 9 is 100 percent recyclable after use.

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