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Successful Italian make-up brand Kiko Milano takes the usual beauty routine to the next level with the Limited Edition Beauty Essentials Collection.

Kiko Milano is making a seasonal beauty update with its new collection consisting of high-performance, fast-acting ingredients and powerful and innovative formulas.

In addition to its high-performance products, the Beauty Essentials Collection adds the sensory well-being and the feeling of refreshment created by fragrances to its beauty routine, without spending hours on personal care. Thanks to their smart packaging, the multi-functional products in the collection allow multi-purpose, versatile products to fit into make-up bags. Modular palettes bring together a wide and rich color alternatives, from the intense and deep tones of winter to the light and bright tones of spring.

“Snackable Beauty”
Kiko Milano introduces the “Snackable Beauty” trend to make-up lovers with its new collection; The Beauty Essentials Collection is a special collection that is the pioneer of the “Snackable Beauty” trend, which consists of superhero products that can be thrown in a bag and used multiple times such as eyeshadow, blush and lipstick, promising a fast and effective beauty look.


2-in-1 Cleanser & Make-Up Remover
229.99 TL

2-in-1 facial and make-up remover, enriched with apricot oil and peony extract, gently cleanses the skin. The gel-cream texture that appeals to the senses effectively cleanses the skin of dirt and make-up residues.

Nourishing Prep Make-Up Face Mask
99.99 TL

Moisturizing and nourishing hydrogel mask prepares the skin for make-up application. The mask, which is enriched with Aloe Vera, nourishes the skin and offers an ideal care before make-up.

2 in 1 Serum & Toner
229.99 TL

The multifunctional product, which strengthens its effect by combining two skin care rituals, serum and toner, gives a fresh look while illuminating the skin.

Recharge & Refresh Eye Contour
299.99 TL
Recharge & Refresh Eye Contour, which is an ideal product to revitalize the eye area, can be applied before make-up or for night care. The product, which can be easily applied under the eyes thanks to its metal roles with a refreshing effect, moisturizes and refreshes the eye contour thanks to its ginger extract formula.

Nourishing Lip Oil
229.99 TL

The nourishing lip oil nourishes and comforts the lips with its soft and creamy formula. The lip oil, which leaves a slightly shiny appearance, is very impressive with its texture enriched with flower petals and elegant floral scent.

Fast Drying Nail Lacquer
65.99 TL

Complementing the spring beauty routine, Fast Drying Nail Lacquer gives a professional gel nail effect. Its formula scented with peony notes can fix the color in just a few seconds. Containing high pigments and pearls that reflect light and create a sophisticated shine effect, the gel-finish nail polish has four different colors.


Radiant Foundation SPF 15
429.99 TL

Liquid foundation with a formula enriched with hyaluronic acid is a complete joker product to equalize the skin tone, moisturize it and give the face a brighter appearance. Its moisturizing formula with SPF 15 can be easily applied to the skin without weighing it down. The foundation with a luminous finish has medium coverage.

Radiant Concelear
249.99 TL

Liquid concealer with a natural glossy finish, camouflages dark circles, skin imperfections and color differences with a delicate glow. The concealer, whose moisturizing formula is moistened with rose water and jojoba oil, has a shiny finish and a flowing texture that glides gently on the skin. The most striking feature of the product is its performance, and the product, which can be applied very easily with its metallic applicator, offers a permanence of up to 10 hours.

2-in-1 Blurring Primer & Perfecting Powder
399.99 TL

2-in-1 Primer and Powder is a multi-use product that can be used as a base before makeup and as a powder before and after foundation. The product, which camouflages skin imperfections and improves the hold of make-up, makes the skin look flawless and radiant. The powder with argan oil sits on the face smoothly as it applies effortlessly.

A key element of the Beauty Essentials look is an effortless, natural flow of color. That’s why the collection includes a range of options designed to create the perfect shade of blush.

All – In – One Face & Eyes Palette
449.99 TL

4 versatile palettes with matte and metallic finishes can be applied to both the face and eyes. It can be used like powder to enrich the facial features with a sophisticated glow, and like eyeshadow to color the eyelids. The palette, which contains 4 different powders that revitalize the skin and enrich the eyes with delicate and radiant tones, is velvety textured and highly pigmented.

The product, which blends perfectly with the skin with its powdery structure that is easy to mix, allows creating the desired effect from light to intense. It is easily applied both as eyeshadow and powder with the 4-in-1 Brush, one of the star products of the collection.

Color Flush 3 – in – 1 All Over
279.99 TL

Color Flush 3 – in – 1 All Over, which gives color to eyes and lips and vitality to the skin with just one product, is the secret weapon of makeup bags that does many things at the same time. Complementing almost all make-up with a single product, the non-smudging formula of Color Flush 3 – in – 1 All Over is enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter. The product, which is very easy to apply and mix thanks to its highly pigmented liquid structure, has a matte finish.

Silky Luminous Blush
399.99 TL

Blush with a metallic and matte finish is the perfect product to revitalize the skin and create touches of light and volume. The blush, whose formula is enriched with jojoba oil, combines two effects, pearly and matte, for a versatile effect.

Silky Matte Bronzer
399.99 TL
The powder with a matte finish gives the skin a natural and bronze effect. Thanks to its formula containing jojoba oil, it adds a silky and smooth appearance to the skin. The velvety texture with a matte finish blends easily and gives a lasting result that ranges from light to intense.

Glowy Face & Body Highlighter
299.99 TL

The stick highlighter with a metallic finish can be used for both face and body. Highlighter with jojoba oil and shea butter in its formula illuminates the face and body with sophisticated light touches.


Trio Eyeshadow
279.99 TL

The triple eyeshadow has 3 different finishes: matte, satin and shimmery. It is very easy to apply the eye shadow, which gives the opportunity to play with matte to glossy effects that enrich the eyes and gaze.

All Shades of Eyeshadow Palette
429.99 TL

A perfect product for those who want to express their creativity in make-up application, the palette brings together 9 highly pigmented and multi-finish eyeshadows, from primer to marble effect eyeshadow. The palette includes 1 matte base, 3 intense matte finish, 4 ultra metallic and 1 marble metallic finish eyeshadows.

3-in-1 12H Long Lasting Eyeshadow & Eye Pencil
279.99 TL

The 3-in-1 product can be used as an eye shadow, both inside and outside the eye area. 3-in-1 12H Long Lasting Eyeshadow & Eye Pencil, which helps to achieve up to 3 different effects with one product, adheres perfectly to the eyelids thanks to the creamy and pigmented formula of the eye shadow. The eyeshadow on one side of the product, which promises to last up to 12 hours, has a rich and metallic appearance. The thin and matte finish eyeliner can be applied to the inner and outer part of the eye to intensify the eyes and enrich them with lines and strokes.

3-in-1 12H Long Lasting Mascara
299.99 TL

12-hour lasting 3-in-1 mascara has a double applicator. It allows to achieve three different dazzling effects with a single product. Mascara has a volumizing effect, a curling and lengthening effect, and a panoramic, volumizing effect when both applicators are combined. The mascara, which contains jojoba oil and shea butter in its formula, can be applied easily without leaving any lumps or aggravating the lashes. The curved applicator of the product gives the lashes a curling and lengthening effect, while the round applicator defines the lashes with a volume-enhancing effect. The combination of the two applicators provides a panoramic, volume-enhancing look.

Brow Mascara & 10H Lasting Brow Pencil
249.99 TL

The ideal product for defining, filling and shaping the eyebrows, the eyebrow duo consists of a pencil and colored fixing gel. The two-ended product provides even color release with up to 10 hours of permanence. With its colored gel mini brush, it allows filling and correcting eyebrows in one step.


2-in-1 Long Lasting Matte Lipstick & Pencil
249.99 TL

While long-lasting matte lipstick and lip liner define the shape of the lips with a single product, it gives intense color with a sophisticated matte finish.

The lipstick section of the 2-in-1 product has a formula enriched with jojoba oil, its rich and creamy texture glides easily on the lips and gives an instant feeling of comfort. The soft-textured pen format is easily applied and provides up to 8 hours of permanence. The concealer color of the pen also increases the hold of the lipstick.

3D Effect Lip Gloss
249.99 TL
3D effect lip gloss, with its light formula enriched with Vitamin E, wraps the lips with a dazzling glow. The product, which has a volume-enhancing effect, leaves a soft feeling and shiny appearance on the lips. It can be used alone to enhance the natural color of the lips or as a top coat to enhance the lip appearance with extra shine.

Hydrating Shiny Lipstick
249.99 TL

Moisturizing lipstick with a glossy finish has an intense and even color release and a creamy consistency. Enriched with jojoba oil and shea butter, the lipstick with moisturizing properties gives the lips an impressive color and a sophisticated glossy look. The peach scent of the lipstick is dazzling.

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