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Let the glow of love reflect on your skin

A romantic dinner by candlelight, the most glamorous and stylish clothes, the enchanting scent of perfume… All the details have been considered for Valentine’s Day, February 14, the most romantic day of the year, but you still haven’t decided on that different gift to make your loved one happy and pampered. How about giving a beauty-related gift to the woman or man you love this year?

“More vibrant, bright, young and smooth”

One of the mesotherapy methods that consolidates its place among anti-aging applications and its effect With the Paris glow that shows in the first session, your loved one’s skin will not only look more lively than before, but you will also be able to rewind time. Making a statement about the Paris glow, one of the most popular applications of the last period, Dr. Ezgi Karavelioğlu, “There are 59 skin-revitalizing active ingredients in the Paris glow, in addition to hyaluronic acid, which has moisturizing properties. Especially hyaluronic acid, 12 vitamins, stimulate collagen synthesis and neutralize free radicals. 24 amino acids of proteins elastin and collagen “ helps the production of coenzymes and nucleic acids stimulate metabolic reactions. While minerals provide the balance in cell metabolism, glutathione, which has antioxidant properties, fights excessive free radicals. Thus, the skin looks more vibrant, bright, young and smooth than before” says

Paris glow, which also shows its effect on problems such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, lack of moisture, lifeless and dull appearance on the skin, is also effective in repairing ultraviolet damage due to sun rays and reversing cellular aging. the appearance of signs of aging, such as hands and arms Paris radiance, which can be easily applied on the affected areas, is applied 3-4 sessions with 7-10 days intervals and shows its effect immediately in the first session.

Dr. We talked to Ezgi Karavelioğlu about the Sparkle of Paris

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