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Lifeless and colorless eyelashes: Lash lifting

A beautiful pair of eyes; It is almost impossible to think apart from perfectly curled, full lashes. However, not everyone has naturally full and voluminous eyelashes. Therefore, it has become much more important to achieve this look with small tips and applications. Ergül Keskin, the Founder and Contour Makeup Trainer of Ergül Keskin Conture Make up Studio, who stated that the eyelash lifting process provides great convenience for women at this stage, gives important information on the subject.

How to provide vitality

Many people complain that their eyelashes are not full, voluminous and colorful enough. This causes the person to look paler and tired when they do not wear make-up. Therefore, for many women, a life without mascara is almost unthinkable. However, there is an increasingly popular method among beauty treatments that provides the curled form needed by the eyelashes, while eliminating the light color appearance. Moreover, thanks to its long-lasting permanence, this application, which offers tips on always looking well-groomed, is nothing but the eyelash lifting method…

What is eyelash lifting

Lifting application; It is the process of filling, coloring and curling eyelashes with pigment, vitamin and keratin support. In this method, which is completely made with the person’s own eyelashes, no reinforcement is added to the natural eyelashes. It is ensured that the eyelashes reach the desired form by using only natural ingredients. The formulation with natural ingredients applied to the roots of natural eyelashes does not contain any harmful substances and does not cause any reaction for eye health.

Why you should have it

The most important feature of eyelash lifting is that no additional application is made to the eyelashes and a restoration work is applied on the natural eyelashes. Therefore, people who are concerned about health can easily apply it. And also;

– People with straight eyelashes,

– People with downward facing eyelashes,

– People with very light eyelashes,

– People who have lost and thinned eyelashes,

– For people who want to give fullness and volume to their own eyelashes, eyelash lifting can be preferred as it will provide long-term permanence.

How to do it

Lash lifting is a very easy process in terms of application. However, in order for the results to be both natural and flawless, it must be done by professionals. At this point, Ergül Keskin underlined that they carry out a very meticulous work in their center; “Our make-up experts make a preliminary evaluation for the most suitable eyelash fullness and color. Then, a silicone pad in sizes called SML is selected according to the length of the eyelashes of the person and the process begins by gluing the appropriate silicone pad. After the silicone pad bonding process, with the help of tweezers The eyelashes are separated one by one and placed on the pad and the eyelash curling product is applied and left for 20 minutes.The fixative product is applied and left for another 20 minutes, then the dyeing process is done and rested for 15 minutes.Then the silicone pads are cleaned and the keratin is applied and the color-giving solution is applied.The whole process is approximately 1 After the procedure, people should keep their eyelashes away from water for 24 hours.” said

What should be considered

Since the solution prepared for eyelash lifting is applied to natural eyelashes, there should be no make-up residue and For this, all eye make-up should be carefully removed before the procedure. In addition, the eyelashes should be dry. Although it is a harmless procedure, it is recommended not to have it done if there are problems such as allergies, styes, irritation, or it should be done with the permission of the doctor.

Is it permanent

With the busy business life, the rush of modern times, the rapid flow of city life, it becomes more and more important that women always look well-groomed and beautiful. Eyelash lifting, which is one of these applications, adds density to the eyelashes thanks to its effective solution. Its permanence is between 2-3 months. peeing.

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